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Welcome! We love crazy Star Wars Theories. We’re obsessed with movie quotes and love listing them at the end of our Movie Reviews. Be sure to check out the EYF Cinema category to find out if we included all of your favorite quotes. Please let us know which ones we missed. If you enjoy sports, be sure to look at our Ultimate Fandom category as we talk about the Green Bay Packers and the UFC. We also give our thoughts and opinions on whatever random topics may come up. We hope you enjoy!

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The Pack Pick

Hello everyone and welcome to the Pack Pick. This will be a new weekly column running through the season where I will analyze the upcoming matchup for the Green Bay Packers. The opponent this week is the Houston Texans. To say the Texans have underachieved would be an understatement. The team started the year terribly […]

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No Pack No!!

The Tampa Curse. My old man’s been talking about it for years. For reasons beyond logical comprehension, The Tampa Bay Suckaneers used to play in the NFC North division. The old man said it was the weirdest thing. The Packers owned Tampa at Lambeau but always lost when they traveled to Tampa. I assured the […]

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Next Favorite

Hello everyone. We come to Monday once again, and that means we can talk some Star Wars. I’d like to continue my list of favorite characters, and today I present my case for Princess Leia. When we first see her, she becomes the one that sets the story in motion. Giving the precious plans to […]

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