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Thank you for taking some time to visit my page! I believe it’s a must to get in touch with the inner crazy that resides inside me every single day. So, sometimes I wake up in the morning and sing, others I can’t stop complaining, sometimes I workout first thing, and sometimes I don’t want to do anything at all. I do, however, always find a way to laugh, and I’m not afraid to express that in any way. Every day may be a little different, but that’s fine with me. I hope to be able to provide someone with just one moment of laughter within their day.

I like to think I’m living my everyday life inside a Will Ferrell movie. I’m a very sarcastic sort of goofball that tries to laugh at all the problems life has to offer…and then make funny videos about it…in my head!! Please subscribe to find out what all the craziness is about!!

The Jedi are to blame

The Angry Star Wars Fan breaks down how the great Jedi Council drove Anakin to the dark side. Advertisements

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Championship Recap

Good morning all. I hope Wednesday finds you all in good spirits, and just remember that after today, the weekend is right around the corner. Before we get there though, I’d like to recap what happened in the games this past weekend. It won’t be easy for the second game(haha) but I will do my […]

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Hang onto that Hat

This week on Matt’s Rants, I’ll be addressing scandalous women. Now remember gentlemen, women can only take advantage of us if we put them in a position to do so. Have confidence in yourself as a man and never use items such as the hat your wearing to score a phone number or get a […]

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January 2020

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