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Welcome! We love crazy Star Wars Theories. We’re obsessed with movie quotes and love listing them at the end of our Movie Reviews. Be sure to check out the EYF Cinema category to find out if we included all of your favorite quotes. Please let us know which ones we missed. If you enjoy sports, be sure to look at our Ultimate Fandom category as we talk about the Green Bay Packers and the UFC. We also give our thoughts and opinions on whatever random topics may come up. We hope you enjoy!

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5 Reasons Why The Empire Strikes Back Is The Best Star Wars Movie

Hello everyone and happy Monday. I know things have been bad and are a little crazy right now, but we at the blog are committed to keeping you entertained. With that in mind, I would like to present my reasons for Episode 5 being the best Star Wars movie out of all of them, following […]

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White vs. Jones

Jon Jones is picking a fight that can’t be won. Ask Randy Couture what it’s like when you don’t play ball Dana’s way. Tito Ortiz could probably tell you a thing or two. To quote Dana, “The list goes on and on,” -fighters who’ve felt the need to challenge the UFC President’s authority in the […]

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Saturday Books

Hello everyone and welcome to another Saturday post. Today, I would like to discuss something near and dear to my heart. That would be novels. In particular, Stephen King novels. He’s been an influence on my writing style, with one of the highest compliments, of which I don’t think I’m worthy of, being that I […]

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