Darth Vader Fails!

So, I noticed that someone on this page really, and I mean really, seems to like Darth Vader. I have no problem with him, except he always seems to come up small when people need him the most. To remind that certain person that Vader isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, I’ve come up with a list to show everyone that the “Chosen One” leaves a lot to be desired.

Top 10 Failures of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker:

  1. Failed as a Jedi by turning to the Dark Side
  2. Failed as a Sith by turning to the Light Side
  3. Failed as a father by blowing his daughter’s home planet up.
  4. Failed as a father by cutting his son’s hand off and trying to turn him to the Dark Side
  5. Failed as a friend by turning on Obi Wan. He was Obi Wan’s brother, and Obi Wan loved him.
  6. Failed as a pilot by not preventing Luke from blowing up the Death Star
  7. Failed to prevent the Rebels from stealing the Death Star plans.
  8. Failed as a son by not preventing the Sand People from killing his mother.
  9. Failed as a husband by force choking his wife, leading to her death.
  10. Failed to bring balance to the force because he didn’t destroy Palpatine for good.

As you can see, this prophecy fulfiller actually didn’t accomplish much with his life. Oh well. You suck Lord Vader.

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This is directed at this angry star wars fan.

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