A Simple Request from a Loyal UFC Fan

Dear UFC,

Please keep these welterweights busy. Today I’m reading headlines of Jorge Masvidal asking Conor Mcgregor to not flirt with him. Unless I’m mistaken, Conor has a fight coming up and Kamaru Usman should be ready for a fight much sooner. There’s no telling what kind of damage Conor may receive fighting Cowboy. Let’s make it happen. It’s not Jorge’s fault Tyron Woodley and Leon Edwards haven’t been able to come to terms. So there you have it,

Jorge Masvidal, the Current and Only BMF


Kamura (Marty) Usman, the Undisputed Welterweight Champion.

Then Leon Edwards vs. Tyron Woodley could be for the next shot. Keep it simple. As as for Mcgregor, I think we should probably wait to see how his battle with Cowboy turns out before making any future fight plans. Cowboy has been bringing fireworks since the birth of his son so he’s no easy match. I’m a pretty big Conor fan but I’m also a realist. I’m not saying he couldn’t give Masvidal a good fight, I’d just like to see how he fares in his return bout before putting him up against such a killer.


A loyal UFC fan. 

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