Introducing: Matt’s Rants

Good morning everyone! I’m doing Matt’s Rants so I can vent my inner frustrations on whatever craziness is going on in the world around me. I want to start by venting about the New England Patriots. So a lot of people are using the word dynasty. Using that word is both an insult to the concept and the integrity of the NFL.
I honestly can’t stand people in the national media claiming Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are the best at their respective positions. For those that believe these are all minor infractions, let’s take a minute to review the controversies.
Alright, there’s spy-gate, deflate-gate, false injury reports, equipment mysteriously not working for visiting teams, substitution tricks (according to Ravens coach John Harbaugh during a 2015 divisional playoff game, and now spy-gate part 2. I’m sure I’m not even mentioning everything, but the point is, it’s always something, and it’s turned into a big controversy.
What message are we sending to the younger generation by placing these known cheaters on such a pedestal? Please stop calling these guys the greatest. The greatest would not be looking for a constant advantage. The greatest would not need to deceive his opponent with false injury reports and this substitution crap. And the greatest would never go against regulations and deflate the football to make it easier to handle. If this is no big deal, then why is it a rule? The rules are there for a reason, and the New England Patriots are regularly getting busted for violating them.
The New England Patriots are only the greatest at one thing, and that’s cheating. What are they doing that we haven’t found out about yet? Bill Belichick must think all NFL fans are stupid to continue to blatantly disrespect the integrity of the game I grew up loving. I’ll never be able to stop watching the Packer games, but when New England plays, I won’t wait anymore. I’m not wasting my time watching cheaters win.

Matt’s Rants

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