Dallas Cowboys Fans!!

Dear Dallas Cowboys fans:

I’m a huge Green Bay Packer fan, so I’m very familiar with Mike McCarthy. He had quite an edge as a head coach until he won the Super Bowl. Shortly after, everything just fell apart. I know this isn’t purely the head coach’s fault but isn’t that where it begins? I remember hearing his interviews and press conferences leading up to the Super Bowl Season. He was never happy with his team’s performance. Even when they won a game, he found things to criticize. The Packers went 15-1 the following year. Near the end of that season,  McCarthy made a statement to reporters something along the lines that he couldn’t see his team being beat in a game. That was what I remember being his kiss of death. After that statement, he was always telling the media how confident he was in his team. Even after the Packers would lose, he would talk about how good they were in practice. As a fan, this is laughable. He seemed to assume because they went 10-6 in the Super Bowl season, that would be good enough each season after. As long as they made the Playoffs, he would say. I wish you luck Dallas football fans. I hope, for your sake, his firing humbled him. Time will tell if he’s learned from it. Good luck to you next year Coach McCarthy and Cowboy nation.

I’m looking forward to watching the Packers compete for the Super Bowl this year.

Go Pack Go!!

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