Happy Saturday

Hello everyone. I won’t be talking about writing every week, but I am today because I’m excited about completing my latest book. As always, I’m a little nervous about finishing it because I know we’re going to publish it soon. When I first started publishing, I didn’t know how to feel. There was a lot of fear and worry. I didn’t know if what I had written was any good, but the Goodreads reviews seemed to indicate favorable response. One review in particular caused me to be ecstatic. The man’s name was Peter and he is from Germany. He reviewed our second book, Screams on Superior, which is available on Amazon Kindle or Kindle Unlimited. In my opinion, it’s just a good old fashioned monster story, but reading Peter’s review made me appreciate all the people that continue to read. I thanked Peter for his kind words, and I thank all of you for reading this blog. Keep reading.

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