The King is Back!!

I consider myself to be an enormous Conor Mcgregor fan, but I had my doubts heading into last night’s contest. Donald Cowboy Cerrone had been fighting with a newfound passion since becoming a father, and Conor didn’t have a single bad thing to say about his opponent leading up to the fight. Something seemed off. I saw that familiar look of confidence displayed on Mcgregror’s face as he approached the UFC octagon for the first time since being mauled by Khabib. Still, it wasn’t until Cowboy was picking himself up off the mat wondering what he’d been hit with that I realized the King had returned. A short while ago, I figure Masvidal would tear through Mcgregor like tinfoil. Now I say, bring it on. I was wondering if it would be possible for Mcgregor to regain that eye of the tiger, but he has once again proven me wrong. He’s seemingly restored that passion for fighting that made him such a successful fighter in the first place. That’s one of many reasons I enjoy watching him fight so much. Whether you love him or hate him, Conor Mcgregor makes MMA and the UFC more entertaining. So whether it be Khabib, Usman, Masvidal, or Tony Ferguson, I know I can’t wait for Conor’s next fight! The King is back! Bring them all on!!

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