Seriously? That’s all I can really say Angry Star Wars fan. Your ridiculous rants about how it’s everyone else’s fault as to why Anakin fell to the Dark Side are just too much. I’m not going to go over your entire video, but I wanted to pick out a few key points that I have particular contention with.

First, Obi Wan trained Anakin because he promised Qui Gon that he would. He believed he needed to fulfill his promise to his former master.

Second, Obi Wan could have cared less if he was on the Jedi Council. The reason he got put on the council was because they recognized he was someone that best personified what a Jedi should be. Someone that should allow the Force to use them, not someone who manipulates the Force.

Third, as far as when Obi Wan drew his lightsaber, he did it only after Anakin literally said, and I quote, “Don’t make me kill you.” I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty fucking serious to me. I’d probably draw a weapon if someone had said that to me too. His words there also echo Qui Gon. He says he will do what he must.

Fourth, his relationship with Padme deteriorated because he became some psycho. If your spouse came up to you and said you need to be cool with them murdering little kids and turning the republic your working to preserve into a dictatorship, don’t you think you’d have a little disagreement about that? I mean, as far back as Attack of the Clones, she tells him that she couldn’t support him forcing people to do what he wanted them to do. That says it all.

Fifth, you seem to have a great problem with the Jedi Council wanting to kill Palpatine. You bitch about them not being able to detect that he’s evil, yet make no mention that Anakin himself couldn’t figure it out until Palpatine explicitly told him. I mean, here is a guy constantly talking about how powerful the Sith are when he and Anakin are in private, and Anakin still needs it spelled out for him. He still couldn’t put it together. And, maybe they did expect something, because they knew how close Anakin and Palpatine were. That’s why they wouldn’t grant him title of Master. They knew Palpatine was evil, but they needed proof. Anakin provided that proof, and then turns on them when he does. As far as them not following protocol, look at it like this. If you saw Hitler rising to power and knew it would lead to WW2, would you do something to stop him? Or would you put him on trial in Germany and let the people decide? Palpatine had so much influence in the Senate that they wouldn’t have convicted him. Anakin didn’t want Palpatine alive to stand trial, he wanted him alive to meet his own selfish needs, which is what got him in trouble in the first place.

Lastly, let’s talk about Obi Wan taking Luke and Leia. First, he had decided that the Force would choose what happened to Anakin. That was why he left Anakin by the lava. As far as him taking the kids, would you hand young children over to Palpatine? Because that was who would have raised them and manipulated them. After Luke or Leia became powerful enough, Palpatine would have had them kill Vader anyway. Honestly, Anakin was only able to be redeemed because Obi Wan had the foresight to save his children from him.

So, I probably actually touched on most of your points anyway. But all I can say is Anakin is the reason his life sucked. He should have trusted the wisdom of his master, and trusted the wisdom of the Jedi Council instead of allowing fear, anger, and hate to cloud his judgement.

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