Championship Recap

Good morning all. I hope Wednesday finds you all in good spirits, and just remember that after today, the weekend is right around the corner. Before we get there though, I’d like to recap what happened in the games this past weekend. It won’t be easy for the second game(haha) but I will do my best.

First, the Tennessee and Kansas City game went pretty much like I expected. The Titans were able to build an early lead, but then the Chiefs got rolling. Once they did, the Titans only shot was to not only continue controlling the clock, but to also score. They couldn’t do that, and the Chiefs rolled from there. I give the KC D a lot of credit for shutting down Derrick Henry, as he had used the rest of the playoffs as his own personal scrimmage. I think the Titans have to re-sign him, and that they have some good pieces in place. They play hard for their coach, and they could definitely be back in the mix with the right moves in the offseason. As for the Chiefs, they are exactly the team many people thought they were. Can they finish the job? That is the only question left, but a great job has been done by Andy Reid this season regardless of what happens in a little less than two weeks.

As for the Green Bay and San Francisco game, I can tell you it was rough. Being a Packer fan, I picked them last week in my picks. Realistically, I feared the Niners would pull out a close game. I was absolutely floored by how dominant the Niners were. They operated like a well oiled machine, and Green Bay simply doesn’t have the horses to keep up. It was shocking to watch this game and think it was any different than November, but it was maybe worse. I think the Packers need to definitely learn how to get a consistent offense and at least some semblance of rush defense. They have a good foundation and got good experience this year, but they need to figure out a way to impose their will. Otherwise, more games will go like this for them. As for the Niners, they are the most complete team in the league this year. Everything their rebuild has been about could culminate in 11 days, but it won’t be easy. They’ve been amazing thus far though, and they’ve definitely given their fans a season to remember.

That will be all for this week. I will give my Super Bowl pick next week, as well as my typical mini preview. Thank you for reading, and I’ll talk to you all next week.

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