Gamebred Fighter

Shortly after 2019 started, I heard Jorge Masvidal was gonna throw hands with Darren Till. I remember thinking that the UFC was giving Till an easy rebound match as he was coming off his first UCF loss against Tyron Woodley, the welterweight champion at the time. I saw Jorge Masvidal as a journeyman that couldn’t cut it against highly ranked opponents and gave him no chance whatsoever. I knew that Till was the only fighter capable of finishing the other. Plus, the fight was in So, I was caught off guard when Till’s head was bouncing off the canvas at the end of the contest. Later that night, Masvidal was conducting an interview and had an encounter with welterweight contender Leon Edwards so I thought for sure the 2 of them would be matched up next.

Ben Askren was coming off a controversial victory over Robbie Lawler and attended the fight with hopes of taking on the winner. Only he’d been talking mad trash to Till leading up to the battle as he was clearly expecting Till to win. Masvidal wouldn’t even mention Askren’s name when conducting interviews, and it seemed like the UFC wanted a rematch between Askren and Lawler. However, the UFC made the Masvidal vs. Askren fight next.

I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and saw Anthony Pettis win the lightweight title against Benson Henderson in Milwaukee. Askren trains with Pettis, so I was pulling hard for Askren when the fight against Masvidal was announced. Looking back, I now see how nervous Askren seemed to look leading up to that fight. I figured it was because Askren didn’t want Masvidal to serve him a 3 piece with soda like he did to Leon Edwards. Either way, I think Masvidal got into Askren’s head. When the fight started, Askren darted into the middle of the cage looking for one of his signature takedowns. Only he lowered his head, and Masvidal timed it perfectly and hit him with a flying knee. The fight lasted all of 5 seconds, and Masvidal will now hold the fastest KO in UFC history forever. Nobody else will be able to finish a fight faster. I don’t think it’s possible.

Masvidal finished the year with a dominating performance over Nate Diaz to capture the one and only BMF title, and I’m officially on the bandwagon. I love watching Jorge fight because he’s a real fighter. He has far superior skills than I ever gave him credit for, but I’m glad I was wrong about him. He’s become one of the UFC’s most entertaining fighters, and he’s as real as they come. I know Kamura Usman is just going to centrally focus on Masvidal’s crotch and look for constant takedowns, but I think Jorge will have an answer. I’m really hoping the UFC gives him his title opportunity. I wouldn’t be disappointed if they matched him up against McGregor either, and I’d love to see Colby Covington take another whooping. I know for a fact that no matter who the UFC decides to match Jorge Masvidal up with, I’ll be tuning in.

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