Wow Dude

Angry Star Wars fan, I gotta hand it to you. You really do live in a world full of delusions. Let me preface this by saying that the Jedi are not without their flaws. I would agree that their arrogance was a big part of what led to their downfall. They probably could have done a better job of nurturing Anakin as well. With that being said, they are definitely the lesser of two evils. Mace Windu wanting to kill Palpatine is less about power and more about knowing how dangerous your opponent is. The Sith, who rule through fear and mercilessly, would enslave the galaxy if they had come to power. This was proven with what happened after Palpatine rose. Anakin, however, couldn’t see past his own selfish needs. Being the Chosen One doesn’t grant him the exclusive right to be a douchbag. It doesn’t mean you get to murder kids because your feelings are hurt. It doesn’t mean you get to choke your wife when she disagrees with you. It doesn’t mean you get to threaten to kill your best friend and expect no repercussions. You say it’s different if he has his kids, but Palpatine would probably expect the betrayal and take Vader out. Lets face it. Vader couldn’t have taken Palpatine before Luke or Leia were ready to help him anyway. Darth Vader made a bunch of bad decisions and made life much harder on himself.

As far as the Jedi leaving, they understood the error of their ways. They knew they hadn’t changed and that was what allowed the Sith to rise again. That was why they went into exile. They knew with the entire might of the Empire, they would never get to face Palpatine and Vader one on one again. A New Hope proved that. Had Obi Wan beaten Vader, he likely would have been gunned down by storm troopers shortly after. Instead, they knew they had to pick their place to strike. I will admit it’s a little sketchy the way they used Luke, but they knew he would be powerful enough to take on Vader and the Emperor. In fact, it is because they take Luke and Leia that Vader can be redeemed. Without Luke serving as the catalyst, it’s very unlikely Vader ever becomes more than Palpatine’s lap dog. By taking his kids, Obi Wan did Anakin the ultimate favor by keeping his legacy alive. They train his son to be better than he ever was. And, if the Jedi are so evil, why does Anakin turn back to one before he dies? After 20 years of being a Sith, he just decides the evil Jedi aren’t so evil? No. He realizes he was wrong to turn on the order. That’s the only reason the story works. Because Vader is redeemed by becoming a Jedi again. By turning to the light again. So save your hatred for other people. The Jedi aren’t perfect, but they are a hell of a lot better than the Sith.

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