It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. It’s time for my Super Bowl pick. The last Sunday of real football for the season always feels a little bittersweet. But hopefully we’ll be treated to a game deserving of this stage. My picks two weeks ago didn’t quite pan out, but I can’t deny that the two teams in this game showed up when it mattered most. On to my picks:

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Here’s the thing about perceptions. They change. Two weeks ago, we were hearing how the Chiefs were vulnerable to the run and then they shut down human battering ram Derrick Henry. The 49ers were a team that was going to have to throw to put up points to win against Green Bay. Both of those perceptions changed, and it’s a testament to the hard work these teams have put in.

When San Francisco has the ball, they need to get their running game going. Not only will it shorten the game, but it will also open up lanes for the play action game. Jimmy G is lethal in that kind of game plan. He must avoid the throws that get him in trouble and get into a nice rhythm. If he can, the Niners can control the game and shorten it. That is paramount against an offense that can score like the Chiefs. On defense, I think the Niners have to live with death by 1,000 cuts. They can not let Kansas City start making big plays and getting on a roll. They need to keep every play in front of them and contain Patrick Mahomes to the pocket.

For Kansas City, it’s real simple. Run enough to make San Francisco respect it, and then unleash Mahomes. He has been on fire in this postseason, and he is the engine that makes the Chiefs go. They need to protect him by not allowing the ferocious pass rush of the Niners get after him. On defense, they need to stay disciplined and bring the same intensity they brought against Tennessee. They also need to get to Jimmy G in order to try and pressure him into making those questionable throws.

In the past, I’ve always picked the team with the best defense to win. That is San Francisco. But something feels different this year. I think Kansas City needs it more. San Francisco is the better overall team, but Kansas City will have the best player on the field. I think San Francisco starts out with a 10 point lead, and then it follows a familiar script. I think Mahomes gets rolling just on time, and Kansas City escapes Miami with a win.

San Francisco 24, Kansas City 30

Next week, I will recap what I saw in the game. I honestly would’t be surprised to see either team win. Let’s all hope for a great game and I’ll talk to you all next week!!

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