Favorite Things

Happy Saturday everyone. Since this is a weekly piece that I hope helps you get to know me, I’d like to give you guys a rundown of some of my favorite things. Who knows? Maybe we will have something in common.

Author: Stephen King

He is probably the single biggest inspiration to my writing career. The first book I ever read by him was The Eyes of the Dragon my freshmen year of high school. I have been hooked every since.

Television Show: The Simpsons

I know it’s been on forever, but Golden Age Simpsons is still some of the finest television you will ever see in my opinion.

Movie: Rocky

There’s something about watching this movie that makes me think that anyone can catch a break. The sequels lose that a little bit, but the first is pure magic.

Date: Dinner and a Movie

As long as both are with my wife.

Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

What can I say? Born and raised in Green Bay!!

I know it’s a very limited list, but I gotta keep you guys coming back. Haha. Anyway, I truly hope you guys like the weekly updates and I hope you keep coming back. I really enjoy connecting with you guys and I can’t wait to talk to you next week.

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