The BMF Champ is about the claim the Welterweight Strap…

I’m really looking forward to International Fight Week this year. I heard Dana White’s interview on the Will Cain show. White basically announced Jorge Masvidal against Karmura Usman for the welterweight strap. I see Masvidal as a real fighter and Usman as a fighter looking to win rounds, so it should be interesting. Also, this will be one of many great fights on this card.

Usman’s strategy will surely be to focus on Jorge’s crotch and proceed to go for takedown after takedown. Usman has no problem claiming a decision victory. I also see Usman as being fake. He was actually claiming he wanted to fight Leon Edwards until Masvidal pointed out the sheer idiocy of this type of matchup. Masvidal did several interviews where he made everybody aware that Usman already held a victory over Edwards. Masvidal also mentioned that he holds a higher ranking than Edwards. After that I see Usman doing an interview claiming Masvidal is ducking him. You’re not fooling anybody Usman. Masvidal is right, Usman is just a politician looking for a way to keep his belt as long as possible.

Masvidal will be on the attack. He will be looking for ways to finish this fight from the time it starts until the final bell. Usman’s pillow hands will have no effect on Jorge’s chin. I love how Usman is calling Masvidal a journeyman fighter like its some sort of insult. Jorge is far more experienced in terms of overall fighting. Usman may get the upper hand in the fight, but Masvidal will not be intimidated by the moment. I believe Masvidal wins this fight. In the words of Jorge “Usman will be baptized in the 2nd round” and Masvidal will be leaving international fight week as the double champ. BMF champ and Welterweight champ. It’s gonna be awesome to watch Marty Usman get his mouth shut. Also, this will be one of many great fights on this card. The UFC never disappoints when it comes to International Fight Week.

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