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(This post contains spoilers for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker)

Once again angry fan, all you can do is blame other people for Anakin’s bad choices. You say Obi Wan went behind Anakin’s back to convince Padme to leave him, but neglect to mention that Vader visits Padme after he murders all the Jedi younglings. He doesn’t inform her that he’s killed them, merely offers his own twisted perspective. That seems to be what she is grappling with the most. And, if you look at her during her conversation with Anakin, you see how uncomfortable she is by the way he is acting. She knows this isn’t the person she’s married. All Obi Wan does is reveal the truth of what Anakin did.

Also, lets talk about the Jedi being evil. If they are so evil, and Anakin knows they are evil, why does he turn away from the ideals he’s held for the past 20 plus years to return to their side? I mean, he kills his mentor and “friend” all to return to the side of evil? That makes a lot of sense. Plus, at the end of ROS, he is telling Rey to destroy the Sith. For the Jedi being evil, he certainly seems to be pushing their agenda quite nicely after his death.

And Mace Windu was one of the finest swordsman the Jedi Order had ever known. When he dueled Palpatine, he was moving faster than Anakin could even see according to the novelization. If, and this is a big if, Anakin were ever to fight Mace evenly, could he have even reacted?

You need to understand that Anakin being the Chosen One doesn’t give him carte blanche. He can’t just make whatever decisions he wants and not have to deal with any consequences. Face it, the Chosen One failed to hold to his own ideals his whole life. That is a flaw. Luke lives a life that’s pretty crappy too, but he doesn’t betray his friends and his ideals. He understands that they need to fight the darkness, not embrace it. That’s why he is also a better Jedi than Anakin.

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