That Super Bowl Halftime Show was a Colossal Disappointment

I’m a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan. So, given that the Packers were beaten pretty severely in the NFC championship game made the thought of watching the Super Bowl this year sting a bit. As soon as the pain from watching the Packers blow it subsided, I was able to remember who was performing for halftime of the big game and my spirits were lifted. Now I’m not a Shakira or J-Lo fan but I was holding out hope for a special appearance.

The show started. Shakira takes the stage and performs first. It actually seemed more like J-Lo was a special guest performer in my view as Shakira was out there for what seemed like 10 mins before J-Lo even appeared. Shakira even grabs a guitar and they had someone that I’m not familiar with show up and rap a bit. Then I even heard the song “The Hips Don’t Lie” in there which is like a total slap in my face.

Where was Wyclef Jean during this performance? The only way Shakira’s hips don’t lie is if she does that song with Wyclef. Clef can play the guitar. Clef can rap in Spanish. And then, after the game, I read that Wyclef performed for some of the NFL owners and former execs, so he was even available. I picked the 49ers to win this game because they beat the Packers and my demented logic figures it looks better for the Packers to have lost to the eventual champs. I’d be willing to bet that Jimmy Garoppolo is a big Wyclef fan, and this was all some big conspiracy to throw him off his game. They ruined the entire Super Bowl by not allowing Wyclef to perform his song on the biggest stage of all. Way to go. I’ll be expecting a solo performance by Wyclef next year to make up for this colossal disappointment I’m feeling right now.

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      1. Well, I suppose the show could’ve been worse! Hahaha.

        Also, thank you lots for following! I’m going to talk about the technical genius of Who Framed Roger Rabbit next, and I just uploaded a new banner art to my homepage.

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