Dominick Reyes Could Shock the World

On a night a few years back, I found myself sitting in a bar. I was having a little debate with the friendly fellow sitting beside me as to how Anderson Silva was as unbeatable as a fighter can get. Then Bam! Out of nowhere, Chris Weidman knocked The Spider out cold. With one big swing. I’ve hardly seen anything more exciting in my life, and I’m hoping beyond all reasonable logic we have another moment like this on Saturday night.

Dominick Reyes is a heavy underdog, and Jonny Bones Jones is now the fighter I see as nearly unbeatable. Please don’t mistake my opinion of Mr. Jones for admiration. As a fighter, I can’t stand him. The constant eye gouges, the dirty kicks to the knees of his opponents, the attitude of entitlement he seemed to have through all of his personal struggles, including alleged PED use. I genuinely think the sport could use a better role model. But once you get past the drama, you have to respect his body of work inside the UFC octagon.

Dominick Reyes is brimming with the type of confidence he needs to upset Jones. Jones also seems to be looking for things to get mad about in the lead up to this fight as he’s accused Reyes of insulting him. I may have missed something, but everything I’m seeing shows Dominick Reyes as being confident in his own abilities, and of course, he sees Jon Jones as a beatable opponent. He’s a professional fighter, and that’s why trains daily. To beat and become the best. It certainly doesn’t show disrespect. Upsets always come when we least expect them. Remember when Holly Holm knocked out Ronda Rousey? And remember how Ronda was looking for reasons to be mad at Holly during the weigh-ins?

But who am I to attempt to criticize the great Jon Jones. I’m just hoping beyond all reasonable logic that Dominick Reyes will humble Bones inside the UFC Octagon and shock the world the way Chris Weidman did at UFC 162 back in July of 2013. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Reyes’ most recent victory came against one Chris Weidman. I know I’ll be watching UFC 247 tomorrow night to watch Dominick Reyes shock the world. Potentially of course. Derrick Lewis and Valentina Shevchenko are also on the care, and they never disappoint. It should be an exciting night of fights!