Reyes is the Superior Fighter

I’m just gonna come out and say it. Jon Jones fought scared last night. He was the only fighter I watched turn his back and run. More than once, he was put in a position where he felt like he needed to retreat by running away. To me, that’s not fighting like a champion. Dominick Reyes was the only fighter that almost finished the main event of UFC 247. Jon Jones looked badly hurt in that first round from the superior striking ability of Dominick Reyes. Jones was using his usual dirty tactics of extending his fingers, hoping for that excellent eye gouge he loves so much. He was warned at least 3 times not to extend his fingers. What does it take to get a point deducted?
Dominick Reyes used superior movement and confused the great Jon Jones. I can’t believe there was a judge that scored this fight 4 rounds to 1 for Jones. I hate claiming conspiracy, but this fight looked like a total setup. Jon Jones has a more prominent name and was awarded a political victory as a result. Bottom line. Sure, Jones went for some takedowns in the 4th and 5th rounds. He never advanced position to land ground and pound or go for a submission. He did nothing with the takedowns. The fight I watched last night was won by Reyes. Reyes was the fighter that came closest to landing a finish. He is the real champ. The people’s champ.

And I gotta give a massive shout out to Valentina Shevchenko. She showed her superior skills and put her opponent away like a true champion. I wish Jon Jones had the heart of a champion like Valentina does. He’s just a point fighter that plays to the judges and doesn’t try to finish his opponent. To me, that disqualifies him from being the GOAT. He’s the best safe fighter of all time. I’ll give him that. I feel frustrated and cheated by the way the judges handed Jones a so-called record-setting victory last night. The UFC has its headline now. What a gyp.

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