Ok angry fan. Ok. You seem to like to pin the blame on the Jedi council and Obi Wan for Anakin falling to the dark side. You say the council puts all this pressure on him to be the Chosen One. Other than Obi Wan after defeating him, the only person that mentions anything about it directly to Anakin is Qui Gon. The council, in particular Yoda, seems to realize that the prophecy might have been misinterpreted. So saying the council was putting unrealistic expectations on Anakin is a bit of a stretch. They saw him for what he was: A person too confident in his own abilities to deal with his own short comings.

As far as Luke running away and abandoning his friends, he was ashamed. Ashamed that he failed Han and Leia. Ashamed that he failed his masters. Ashamed that he got caught up in the myth of his own legend. But unlike Anakin, Luke learned from those failures. He understood that he didn’t know everything, and that he was wrong. Anakin never admitted he was wrong. He never could come to grasp that there might be something he’s not capable of. It was the reason Obi Wan defeated him, and the reason Palpatine was able to manipulate him for so long. If Anakin could see past his own selfish desires, he would have known that loss is a part of life. That those he lost became one with the Force, and therefore live on forever. But that was Anakin. Always looking to the future instead of the present. Always trying to manipulate the Force instead of allowing it to move him, like Obi Wan. Luke learned that lesson before he died, and I don’t think Anakin ever did. Anakin certainly was good, but Luke learned the ultimate lesson before becoming one with the Force. That makes him better in my opinion. But keep on coming up with excuses. I never get tired of hearing them.

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  1. I think the key thing to remember about the jedi council is that they were never going to be relevant. From the on-set, we know that all of them except ObiWan and Yoda are going to be killed before ANH.

    What we really should focus on is QuiGon, who never bothered preparing them or supporting them in the doomed council. He was the chosen one because QuiGon saw Anakin killing the Emperor at the end of ROTG. That’s where the unwavering faith came from. All of the prequels are just 99% confused characters fighting over nonsense, and 1% QuiGon watching the original trilogy and just being happy that Anakin gets to die happy saving his son in the end.

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