Matt’s Rants addresses UFC 247

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week I have to address the UFC 247 judges and commentating team. First off, I’m a Joe Rogan fan, but I can admit his commentating is hugely biased. This was very evident in the main event of UFC 247. From the opening round, the entire commentating team consisting of Rogan, Dominick Cruz, and Jon Anik were all talking about how Reyes would tire out using his strategy. The Jones nut riding continued throughout the fight as they continued to address how wore down Reyes looked throughout the contest. They never mentioned how Jones may be tiring. From my view, both fighters were exhausted by the later rounds. However, if you turned this fight on in round 4 and missed the first 3 rounds, you may have believed Jones was ahead on the scorecards by listening to this commentating. Commentators! Stick to announcing the fights you’re watching instead of adding your two cents in all the time. Your two cents results in the commentating looking very biased towards a fighter. You can always tell who Rogan wants to win by the way he calls a fight.

Moving along to the judges. You must be blind, or you didn’t watch the UFC 247 Main Event. You ripped a guys dream from him with your terrible judging. You make the entire sport of MMA look like a joke and your feeding all the conspiracy theories by handing the fight to an undeserving Jon Jones. A Jon Jones that’s allowed to fight with Picograms of steroids in his system. If I’m not mistaken, Jones is the only fighter that’s allowed to do this. The UFC continues to claim that the cheating Jones is the best fighter. Why does the so-called best fighter always need to be poking the eyes of his opponents? And if Jones was so great, how come he wasn’t going for the finish in the 4th and 5th rounds? He was in a desperate situation and instead of going for the finish in the later rounds he was looking for takedowns. Some Champ. The UFC appeared to be protecting its champion, and it’s tough to argue that point in this case. The biased commentating, combined with the terrible judging, is indefensible. So UFC, Judges, and commentators: let the fighters decide the fights in the cage. The judges were awful throughout the night, but the main event display leaves me feeling ripped off and disappointed as a fan.

UFC, I’d like to submit my resume to become a judge. I’m quite sure I could do a better job than the judges you rounded up from one of the local Houston bars last weekend. C’mon man. Step your game up!

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  1. I agree with a lot of what you say here, but I understand also that Reyes *was* tired during rounds 4 and 5. He got taken down a few times in those championship rounds, and you’ve got to keep up the pressure the whole fight if you want to take the belt.

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