Controversial Contender

At firts, I couldn’t see why Israel Adesanya and the UFC granted Yoel Romero a title shot. Romero has lost his last 3 of his previous four fights. He’s also been unable to make weight for 2 of his title shots. Could you imagine Romero finding a way to win and not making weight for his 1st title defense? It would almost serve the UFC right for continuing grant Yoel title shots. Now I have nothing against Romero. His fights are always controversial, which makes for great entertainment. He has this way of not answering or downplaying the questions he’s asked. During the UFC 248 press conference, he was asked about his recent weight problems and acted like these issues didn’t exist. And I’ll never forget the extra time he took in his fight against Tim Kennedy. I’m also a massive fan of Yoel’s good friend Jorge Masvidal. However, he hasn’t done anything to warrant a title shot. I find the constant Romero controversies hilarious, so I understand the UFC wanting to make this matchup.

The UFC must have zero respect for Romero’s ability to win. I agree; I can’t see how the Last Stylebender loses this fight. Adesanya is a young lion and has seemingly taken this fight to stay active. Paulo Costo should be getting the shot, but Israel said how he had some biceps injury preventing him from accepting the battle within a reasonable timeline. I love how Issy is willing to stay active as a champion. As a fan of the sport, I’m hoping for another entertaining Yoel Romero fight, but I’m hoping he doesn’t somehow win this belt. Romero does have excellent skills, but Issy is a different animal. He doesn’t worry about knocking his opponents out with one shot. He lands in volume, and he’s bringing the heat against Yoel Romero. I see Yoel tiring as this fight goes into the later rounds, and I’m calling for a 4th round stoppage by Israel Adesanya. I can’t wait for UFC 248 on March 7th.

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