What’s the Deal with Root Canals?

I hate the dentist. I avoided going for years. It’s always the same. When you first see a dentist everything is great. They always tell me I have great looking teeth. They wait until the second time to start laying it on you. You go in feeling pretty good before they start informing you that some work may need to be done. I don’t mind getting routine fillings. That usually won’t lead to problems. But I can’t stand when they tell you a filling needs to be replaced. They do it, the tooth basically feels the same, if not worse. They say it could take a few weeks for the pain to subside. That’s really easy to say when the person telling you this isn’t the one feeling this constant pain. Sensitive to cold and hot and you just have to avoid chewing in that area of your mouth.  Every day, every hour, every second of your life. After a couple of weeks, the pain seems to be getting worse. You go back in and they finally tell you that a root canal needs to be done. This results in another procedure and yet more discomfort for a few more days. Maybe even a couple of weeks. It’s usually feeling pretty good by the time you go back to get the permanent crown. Then they hand you the bill and all those good feelings go out the window.

Dentists, why can’t you give it to me straight? I’ve had several conversations with dentists about the replacing a filling thing and they all have the same answer. They have to try a new filling first and they have no way of knowing when or if a root canal will need to be done until a bunch of discomfort hits. Why do I pay you thousands of dollars to keep me comfortable then? What’s the point of going in for routine checkups if I end up reaching this state of pain anyway? I find this very hard to believe. Seems more likely they are trying to find as many things to bill me for as possible. And lets just say this whole root canal thing is true. Why then do they always tell me how fantastic my teeth are during my first visit? Then I go in for my regular cleanings and every fucking time I need a cavity fixed. Sometimes a filling needs to be replaced and we know how that goes. How come they don’t tell me I’m going to be needing work done over the next several visits to get these problems cleared up? As far as I’m concerned these dentists have no more excuses. They exist to screw us all over as much as possible. They leave us living in constant fear and pain and then hand us a bill for thousands of dollars when its all done. 

If I could go back in time I’d surely tell my younger self to become a dentist. Then I could replace fillings and bill customers for it knowing they’re just gonna need a root canal anyway. Then I could bill them for a root canal and permanent crown on top of it. All the while hoping one of them doesn’t actually come in and punch me in the jaw thereby letting me share in the pain they’ve been experiencing the past few weeks by that point. Because I’ve had several fillings replaced now and each has resulted in a root canal. And I’ve wanted to go punch that dentist in the jaw each time. The thousands of dollars they charge you should cost them just a little bit of the pain they couldn’t keep you out of. 

Get it together dentists! Start acting like honest people and stop ripping us off.

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  1. I could have written this myself! I had to go in for a root canal on a previously filled tooth last March. I was pregnant at the time, and sick of dealing with this tooth and asked if they could just pull it. Their typical response “we like to keep as many of your actual teeth as possible. That’s always the ideal outcome.” Ok but like, for me or for you? Because after the root canal was done, he put a “temporary filling” in, and told me I’d have to come back in a few months after I had my baby to have the tooth pulled.. I fully intend on telling them when I go in there that it’s ridiculous that I have now payed for a filling, a root canal, and soon to be a crown all for the same tooth, when I asked them to remove it in the first place.

    It’s a vicious cycle. Avoid dentist > get bad news > avoid dentist.

  2. I have an appointment with a dentist soon! Ahhhhhh!

    At least I’m not getting any fillings. Fun post you got here. I’m ready to drop my new review tomorrow and I hope you can read it! Apparently, there was a shift in plans: Before February fades away I thought I should do The PEANUTS MOVIE and then Back to the Future the first week of March. Have a excellent time!

    1. Good luck with the dentist! I’m looking forward to that review. I think its a good idea to mix things up. The Peanuts Moview sounds like a great idea. Then you can start March off strong with Back to the Future.

  3. Dentists are liars in general. So are most doctors. It’s all a racket, now.

    I’ve got filling all in my teeth. Some are over 30 years old. Dentists, if they have done the research, bank on the fact that the average person doesn’t know that proper diet would render dentists useless. Ditto doctors. Look up Weston A. Price Foundation and Ramiel Nagel:

    The two have slightly differing opinions but, the main message is the same.

    I will never have a root canal. There is not a dentist on the planet that can remove ALL the bacteria from that canal. Root canals can damage your heart.

    Get you some cod liver oil & butter oil. Bad teeth are a sign of severe nutrient deficiencies:

    I’ve lost four teeth to braces and four more to poor diet. Fight back.

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