Time for Stipe to Send DC into Retirement

Part of me finds it rather comical that Stipe continues to taunt Daniel Cormier. I mean, DC totally punked Miocic when he got the belt. Cormier called Brock Lesnar into the ring right in front of a defeated Stipe trying to hype a potential fight. After Lesnar proved unreliable, Daniel proceeded to accept a matchup with an undeserving Derrick Lewis after the black beast pulled his trunks off in the cage before declaring his balls were hot. I’m not saying I blame Cormier for striking while the iron was hot. I love Lewis, but Cormier saw a clear advantage with the matchup. I actually lost a bit of respect for DC over this. Which is exactly why I find this situation funny. DC big timed Stipe, so I hope Cormier is enjoying the wait. The anticipation and not knowing has to be driving him crazy.  However there is no potential Brock matchup sitting there for Stipe, and I know he just mentioned Tyson Fury’s name last night, but I’m really hoping an announcement comes soon. I know Stipe deserves a huge payday, but as an MMA fan I’m rather tired of the circus cash grab fights. There is no possible way to make a fair fight between Stipe and Fury. I don’t need to see Tyson Fury destroy Stipe in a boxing match to know who the better boxer is. I’m also not interested in paying to watch Stipe own Fury inside the octagon. The sports are too different. So, I’m hoping Stipe Miocic shows some real integrity and championship spirit by giving DC this rematch and sending him into retirement properly with another viscous KO.

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