What Do You Think?

So everyone, I wanted to know how you guys feel about the new CBA agreement. I know it isn’t set in stone, but I still have a few thoughts on it.

First, I don’t mind increasing roster sizes. I think with the more injuries that mount, the more we need quality players to replace them. A lot of that has to do with chemistry, and I am all for having few more guys on the team to help with that. I also like the idea of adding another player to be eligible to return from IR. Once again, I think it helps the teams where injuries mount and they have tough decisions to navigate. Having that flexibility is a good thing.

Now, on to the two things that have caught my attention the most. One is the expanded format for the playoffs. I think adding another team makes the seeding more important. It would also mean more games, which a lot of fans would enjoy. But, the drawback is can it be too watered down? We’re always complaining about 8-8 teams making the playoffs, but letting another team in seems to invite that scenario. Look at last year. Pittsburgh would have gotten in and they were 8-8. I hope the NFL considers this before approving it, because we deserve the best teams vying for the championship.

The other thing is a 17th game. I disagree that they should add it. I think a 16 game season is a lot to ask for any player, and asking for them to do a 17th game is even more. Plus, the contracts will become even more ridiculous with an added game. I like the current format for scheduling just fine. It gives you an opportunity to play everyone every four years at the most. I know the name of the game is money, but they need to be concerned with what these guys put their bodies through. An extra game a year could be the difference between a 10 year career and a 5 year career. I say let it be. It’s been 16 games for 40+years. Is adding one more game really worth it?

Anyway, those are my thoughts for week 3 of the offseason blues. I think I might change gears a little next week and talk about something other than football, but who knows? The NFL might do something that sparks my interest. Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you guys next week.

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