Try Try Again

Happy Saturday everyone. It’s been a pretty good week for me, and I like that much more than bad ones. Haha. Anyway, I want to talk today about persistence, and in particular, persistence in writing.

I tried writing my first novel my freshmen year of high school. It was a medieval tale, no doubt inspired by the Eyes of the Dragon, but it wasn’t very good. It was jumbled with characters based on my friends and overall not very coherent. I was 14 when I started that novel, and I’m not sure I could write it even now.

Of course, that wasn’t my only attempt. I tried writing a science fiction one that explored the origins of humanity. I tried writing a ghost story that I coincidentally finished a rough draft of not too long ago. There’s dozens of others too. Which brings me to my point.

If you are a writer, remember those ideas. Use them. Don’t give up. I attempted my first novel at 14 and didn’t publish one until I was 32. In between those, I read and learned how to write. Learned that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Learned how to set goals. Learned how to tell a story. I hope those of you who are writers keep trying, because the only one you hurt by not trying is yourself.

Anyway, I hope the next week is a good one for all of you. I’ll post again next Saturday and until then, keep reading and writing.

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