The King vs. The Highlight

I’m really hoping the rumors I’ve been hearing about Conor vs. Gaethje become a reality. This is what I would call a dream fight for fans. A Superfight without a title. This fight will be nonstop action, and the victor will become a legitimate contender to Khabib’s Lightweight Title. A title that could very quickly belong to Tony Ferguson. I know the UFC probably wants to give Mcgregor a title shot next, but I don’t think a victory against Cowboy Cerrone at 170lbs qualifies Conor as a legitimate title contender. Gaethje is actually a more worthy contender, and I’m quite sure he wants the fight against Conor. This fight basically sells itself. It will be an epic stand up war. I visualize Gaethje stalking Mcgregor, looking to take him out early. If he connects, he could put Conor in a world of trouble. But I think a fight against Gaethje is a perfect matchup for Mcgregor. Conor is the most precise puncher in the sport, and it’s my opinion that he’ll find his range and take Justin out inside of 3 rounds. And when Conor raises his hand in vicotory after taking Gaethje out, it will make him the clearcut number one contender. Also, should Khabib successfully defends his title against Tony Ferguson, it will be a while before he fights again as he celebrates Ramadan and doesn’t fight during that period. So I think Conor and the UFC should move on from this Khabib rematch for the time being and keep these lightweights busy fighting. Let’s go UFC, make it happen.

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