Anyone But Anakin

Well, you once again have missed the point angry fan. You want to blame everyone else for Anakin’s faults and not him. It’s the Jedi Council’s fault for training him, right? Because Anakin didn’t already think the Jedi were great before he even met Obi Wan right? In fact, I’m pretty sure he says no one can kill a Jedi when talking to Qui Gon. He already wants to be a Jedi before he even meets the council, and then protests when they reject him for teaching. Oh yeah, certainly sounds like they forced him to join.

And another thing. Why is it that Anakin only follows the Jedi way when it is easy for him? He sits there and tells his Padawan to bury her feelings for a man she likes while he himself is married to Padme. I suppose it’s the Jedi’s fault for teaching Anakin to tell other people that but not adhere to it himself. It’s not the Jedi way to kill a defenseless person either, but it’s okay when Anakin does it to Dooku right? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Also, you seem to be mad at the Council for not making Anakin a master when Palpatine appoints him to be his representative. So Palpatine should have the right to appoint people Jedi Masters? The reason Anakin wasn’t a master was because the Council didn’t appoint him one. That’s their job, not the chancellor’s.

As far as training him when he’s too old, that really goes out the window when you look at Luke. Luke was a full decade older when he started training and he didn’t fall to the dark side. But yeah. Can’t be Anakin’s fault for turning to the dark side because he started training late. Oh, and as far as Vader taking it easy on Luke in their second fight, it’s been proven that he wasn’t. I’ve read the novels, and they state Luke and Vader fight as equals. Not only that, but if Vader was that much better, wouldn’t he have stopped Luke from cutting his hand off?

That’s what gets me about you angry fan. You look for anyone else to blame Anakin’s problems on. Face it. Obi Wan was a better Jedi. Luke was a better Jedi. Yoda was a better Jedi. And it’s all because Anakin couldn’t learn to deal with his own problems. He’s a lot like you actually. Always blaming his downfall on others. Anyone but Anakin, right?

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    1. Actually, the Angry Star Wars Fan is the one defending Anakin. I’m just trying to point out the flaws in his logic.

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