It’s not in the Budget

Every single morning I have to dodge the gigantic one out in front of my driveway. I’m used to that one. It’s the one at the gas station that usually bites my car in the ass. Wham!! I’ve hit that damn pothole the last 4 times I filled up. 4 straight times. It’s embarrassing! These damn potholes are all over town. I dodge them as best I can. I want my tires and struts to last as long as possible. Every year these potholes seem to get worse. I guess it’s not in the budget to fix or even fill them in. What drives me insane to the point of infuriation every time I have to see it are the damn decorative bricks they put in the middle of every roundabout. The same bricks they use to dress up the on/off ramps to the highways. So I gotta see this shit a lot. Why the hell are our elected officials using our tax dollars on this nonsense? It seems to me there are probably a lot of frustrated taxpayers with blown-out tires and expensive auto repair bills in the Green Bay and surrounding area. I’m sure this isn’t the only community where nonsense like this occurs. Roads are a torn-up mess, but it’s ok. We’ve created some darn good scenery for people to enjoy. What a joke. Wake up, you morons.
Start doing your job and serving the best interest of the citizens. Property taxes go up every year. They find more and more ways to charge various fees, the least they could do is provide us with some decent roads to drive on. I’ve seen the local children using dirt and mud to try and fill in these potholes. At least they’re giving it some effort. They’re already way ahead of the elected people serving us in the brainpower department. The pothole in front of my house has only been an issue for 3 years. And how many times do I have to drive past a group of street guys. We’ve all seen it. You have about 5 guys standing around watching one guy work. But fixing the potholes just isn’t in the budget. Stop blowing smoke up my ass. Get my road fixed and stop raising my taxes until you do. Sheesh!

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