I’ve Been Convinced

Happy Friday, Fight Fans!

Paulo Costa tried convincing the UFC that he was healthy enough to take a fight against Israel Adesanya. I guess he doesn’t like the idea of Yoel Romero getting a title shot coming off a loss. At first, neither did I. Costa beat Romero in his last fight, but Yoel clearly won the war. At 42 years of age, Romero is a physical specimen. He came out of his battle with Costa unharmed and left his opponent an injured mess. When I heard this fight announced I had mixed feelings. However, the champion wants to be active and is ready to fight. It’s not like he refuses to fight Costa. And who else deserves a shot at middleweight gold? Once Costa is removed from the equation, Yoel’s name is at the top of the list. The worst thing that could happen for the UFC’s middleweight division is Adesanya losing his title here. Paulo Costa recently made a statement saying he would be sitting cage side to see if Izzy can beat Romero as he just did. How often does the number one contender get to watch the guy he just beat get a title shot?

If Romero wins this fight, the aftermath is nothing short of complete controversy. He wouldn’t be considered the best middleweight. He has two losses on the record against Whitaker on top of losing his last fight. He’s also had tons of issues making the middleweight limit. Hence, there’s no way the UFC can like the idea of him becoming champion. Which is a huge reason I believe this fight is so compelling. Romero is made of steel and absolutely has the skills to win. Yoel is a world class wreslter like Izzy has never seen. Adesanya is showing a real fighting spirit by wanting to stay active in seeking the toughest opponent he could find within his weight class. Nobody ever calls Romero out. I’ve been convinced and can’t wait for this fight.

Now let’s get it on!

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