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Good morning everyone. Once again, it seemed like this past week flew by. That’s a good thing though because I really like writing this weekly post. So, this week I want to talk a little bit about me.

I’d say that my greatest accomplishment is raising three children. I have two daughters, ages 18 and 13, and a son, who is 9. I like doing things with them, like play games or even sports. I’m not pathetic enough to go all out on them, but I won’t let them win if they don’t practice good team work. I want them to learn things the right way.

Which brings me to the point of this post. If parenting is the best thing I’ll ever do, it’s also been the hardest. I hate having to see my kids go through the same failures and tribulations that I had to. As a parent, I want better for them. But I understand that I need to let them make their own mistakes. That’s the best way for them to learn, and watching them grow from those mistakes has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I had to learn that parenting doesn’t always mean getting it right. It just means we try our best to teach our kids how to get up when they get knocked down. Because we aren’t our children, and they should be able to choose their own path. It’s our job to love them and always give them a place to call home.

Or something like that. Anyway, that’s my post for the week. I hope you guys enjoyed a little peek inside my life. I’ll talk to you all again next week. Until then.

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  1. Happy Saturday! If I recall, you guys encouraged your readers to rewatch Back to the Future. I have, and now a review about the trilogy and the cartoon is up on my blog. Hope you can check it out later.

    Anyways, love the works here!

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