Here We Go Again

Angry fan, sometimes I just shake my head hearing you talk. It’s just droning on and on about how Anakin is the victim of circumstance rather than his own decision.

It was his decision to choke his wife. That doesn’t sound like a rational conversation. It was his decision to ignore the Jedi teachings and listen to Palpatine. It was his decision to ignore Obi Wan’s warning about the high ground. It was his decision to not listen to Mace Windu and stay at the temple because he was emotionally involved. See, all of these were Anakin’s decisions.

You also seem to be angry about the fact that Anakin wasn’t granted the title of master. You’re right. It was the first time in history that it happened. It’s also the first time, so far as I can tell, that someone other than the council nominated someone to be on the council. If they grant Anakin the title of master, they set a precedent that any chancellor can control the council, which exactly what Palpatine wants. He wants complete control. When Windu is going to kill him, it’s because he believes it what is for the best. That Palpatine is so powerful in the republic that putting him on trial isn’t going to solve anything. Palpatine even says, when Mace tells him the Senate will decide his fate, that he himself is the Senate. You really expect them to put a person on trial where there is no chance of a conviction? Is that right? No. But it was definitely for the best.

Oh, and another thing. If Anakin is so powerful and is acting by the will of the Force, why can’t he overpower Obi Wan during their duel? If the Force wants Anakin to win, why does it allow Obi Wan to use it in order to defeat him? And if he can beat Luke at any time, why does he wind up on his back missing a hand?

I’ll tell you why. Because Anakin is a selfish jerk. It’s why he only adheres to the Jedi code when he wants. It’s why he wants Palpatine alive. Not for things to be fair, but to get what he wants. He doesn’t say we need to do it for the good of the republic. He says I need him alive. I I I, me me me, blah blah blah. Anakin is all about himself, and that was why he failed. Only through his son is he even allowed to be redeemed. If it wasn’t for Obi Wan and Yoda training Luke, Anakin wouldn’t have even fulfilled his destiny. Face it. Anakin just isn’t that good and he screwed himself more often than not. He only has himself to blame.

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