Let’s Talk About The Real Luke

Angry fan, I will agree. Maybe it is time to stop criticizing Anakin and start appreciating one of the best things about Star Wars. I’m talking about the most powerful Jedi of all time, Luke Skywalker.

Unlike the current Disney cannon, Luke was a badass in the Expanded Universe. He essentially became what Anakin was supposed to become, taking down a force God while being drained by the Sith. He was able to manipulate a black hole, defeat an army of invaders immune to the force, rebuild the Jedi Order, and carry on the legacy of the Chosen One.

I understand why Disney didn’t want to make those movies. They want their own characters to get all the glory. But that’s where they come up short. For me, watching Luke throughout the original trilogy made me more attached to him because he failed. You felt for him when he found out the most evil guy in the galaxy was his father. It was heart wrenching, and it made his triumph at the end of the trilogy even better. That’s what I didn’t get about the new trilogy. I didn’t feel attached to Rey or Poe or Finn. They had questionable development in their trilogy, and I believe Disney squandered a golden opportunity. EU fans would have lost it if they saw Luke going up against Palpatine or the Yuzzhan Vong.

And that’s the real Luke to me. I understand his arc in Disney’s trilogy, but I think he was much better in the EU. George Lucas has said Luke was the best, and the EU showcased that. That’s the real Luke Skywalker to me, the most powerful Jedi ever.

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