Remembering a Legend

Happy Friday folks! I wish everyone the best amidst this ongoing chaos. I’m gonna take a few moments today to talk about one of the best fighters of all time, Chuck Liddell. Now, here’s a guy that never backed down from a challenge. He didn’t let himself get caught up in the politics of the business and simply wanted to prove he was best. He was before his time and it’s a shame he never got a Conor Mcgregor type payday but without this legend, the sport wouldn’t be the same. He’s one of the reasons I became such a big fan. 

 I’ll never forget his first fight against Tito Ortiz. They were the two of the biggest stars the sport had to offer at the time. I remember the way Chuck stalked Tito right before finishing the fight. The Ice Man just walked Ortiz down and showed zero respect for Tito’s punching ability before delivering a violent barrage of punches to the face. And the fit Tito threw right after the fight was the most satisfying thing of all. I couldn’t stand Ortiz and was glad his time was over. 

Liddell went on to become the best Lightheavyweight of his era. He had a legendary rivalry with Randy Couture which resulted in one of the greatest trilogies in MMA history. Chuck became the first competitor to ever score a knockout victory over Randy inside the octagon as he won the Lightheavyweight Championship. It was a great achievement considering Randy had won their first fight. He went on to defend his belt 4 times and was unstoppable in his prime.

Chuck Liddell was the UFC’s first true Superstar. His crowd-pleasing style and willingness to take on all challengers are what I’ll always cherish most. Chuck never tried taking his opponents down to play to the judges for a victory. He never avoided exchanges with his opponents in the later rounds. The only thing on his mind was finishing his fights by any means possible. That is the Ice Man I’ll always remember.

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