Stay Fit Out There

Happy Sunday! I realize many gyms across the country have been closed down, but you can get a great workout in at home. If you don’t have any equipment, you may have to compromise for a few days. Stretch first and then warm up with some Burpees to get the blood flowing. I think 20 would be a good number to start with, but if that seems like too much, start with 10. Next, move on to some pushups, 15-20. From there, do some free-standing squats, 15-20 (recognize a pattern yet?). Move on to some pushups (20) and finish up with some lunges (10-20 each leg).
After you’ve completed an entire set, try for another. If you can get up to 5 games, you will have done 100 reps of each exercise, and this makes for a fantastic home workout. If you’ve got a kettlebell, there are some awesome vids on youtube for all skill levels. I’m also a big yoga guy, Rodney Yee has an outstanding line of videos. He explains the movements rather well, so it’s not so confusing. Yoga is probably the best thing I’ve done for my overall health. My knees feel very little pain since I’ve incorporated it into my routine, and I honestly feel like I wouldn’t be able to run the way I can if I never found Yoga. It’s a great way to stretch your muscles and avoid injuries. Which brings me to my final point. When the workout is finished, always make sure you stretch. Before and after to prevent injury. I did not stretch as a younger man and found myself sidelined with minor injuries that could’ve easily been avoided had I taken a few minutes to stretch out. So don’t get lazy during this time, there are many ways to stay active without the gyms being open. Stay fit out there!

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