Wasted Talent

Chael Sonnen recently posted a video I found interesting where he pretty much accuses the police of harassing Jones. Chael questions why the police put Jones through a series of tests after Jon had admitted to drinking. I decided to watch the video for myself to see if good ole Uncle Chael had a point.

While Jon does admit to drinking, he tries to downplay how much. He said he had a drink earlier. I know for a fact that if you start lying to the police, even in a drunken state, things will be tougher for you. Jones also says he was trying to help homeless people, and there was a gun involved. The bottom line is if a police officer asks, don’t sugar coat anything. If you reek of booze and are trying to say you’ve only had one drink, they have every right to put you through a sobriety test. This is what people that don’t have access to tons of cash and top-notch lawyers deal with all the time. The more significant concern to me is that this video was released so fast. They should keep these videos private until after the legal proceedings play out.

Jon Jones clearly has issues. The UFC and all the other yes men in his life are enabling him to continue to act this way instead of dealing with his problems. The UFC needs to cut him unless he agrees to go to rehab for real. He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson yet, and he’s endangering the lives of civilians by driving around drunk and shooting off a gun. It’s hard to feel sorry for a guy that’s had so many chances and continues putting himself in bad spots. Unfortunately, most people have to hit rock bottom before they can admit they have an actual problem. That point is different for every person.

Whether you like Jon Jones or hate him, this is a sad day for MMA fans. I’d rather see him get his ass kicked inside the cage, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Wasted Talent is such a sad thing.

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