Top Sith and Jedi

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another Star Wars post. As you know, I’ve been taking a break bashing Vader/Anakin and have decided to go in a different direction. Today, I’m going to rank my top 5 Sith and my top five Jedi. And don’t worry angry fan. Vader makes both lists. First up, the Sith

1. Sidious- His ranking at the top should surprise no one. He manipulated the galaxy into giving him the exact power he wanted, and was able to grow in power from there. Without the heroics of Luke and his friends and the sacrifice of Vader, who knows how far he would have went?

2. Plagueis- Sidious’ master. He was able to manipulate midichlorians and influence life and death. Plagueis was so strong that Sidious didn’t even dare kill him while he was awake.

3. Caedus- The son of Leia and grandson of Anakin, Caedus was said to be what Anakin should have been. He was able to contend with Grandmaster Luke, which makes him pretty high in my opinion.

4. Krayt- A powerful Sith, particularly after he was reborn. He was instrumental in defeating Abeloth, helping Luke finally banish her.

5. Vader- In terms of potential, Vader would top this list. Had he not been defeated by Obi Wan, he would have been stronger than the Emperor could have imagined. As it is, he is still strong enough to crack my top five.

Now, the Jedi:

1. Luke Skywalker- The top spot belongs to the son of the Chosen One, Luke becomes what his father should have been. Able to control the force on such a level that he can manipulate a black hole, Skywalker tops the rankings.

2. Yoda- Arguably the most pure Jedi, Yoda was number one before Luke came along. Though small in stature, Yoda proved you don’t need to be big to be strong.

3. Obi Wan Kenobi- In terms of power, Obi Wan probably doesn’t belong at three. But in terms of what a Jedi should be, few can top him. Obi Wan firmly believed in the force guiding him so much that he wasn’t even concerned about death. For him, the will of the force would be what decided his fate.

4. Anakin Skywalker- Once again, in terms of potential, Anakin would only be rivaled by his son. A gifted duelist, Skywalker was a hero of the Clone Wars and able to make the embodiments of the light and dark side bow down. I may not care for him, but I cannot deny his strength.

5. Revan- The Prodigal Knight, Revan came back from the dark side. He was strong enough to defeat his former apprentice, Malak, in a literal factory for the dark side.

Well there it is. I know there will obviously be people that disagree, but that’s what‘s fun about this. People can have their own opinions. I think that’s it for now. See you all next week.

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