Do You Know What Quarantine Means?

If this pandemic has taught me one thing, its that people do not know what the word quarantine means, I’ve been scrolling Facebook more than I’d care to admit the past few days. Everybody seems to think that the rules should apply to everyone except themselves. Someone said they were at the local Meijer store and they couldn’t believe how many people were there. This young lady was going on and on about how everybody should just stay home. I hope it occurred to her that she was one of the reasons that Meijer was so busy. Last week, another person was talking about how he’d just gotten home from this awesome vacation. I’m not going to get into particulars, but it was out of the country. This week he’s talking about how everybody should take this virus seriously and stay home. I hope he realizes how foolish he looks, making these statements just after returning from vacation. Another guy is searching for people and places to shoot pool on a nightly basis. Wake up, folks!

Quarantine means isolation without contact. People are so self-absorbed they see the flaws in what others are doing, but they are unable to look in the mirror and hold themselves accountable. They complain about how bored they are. They complain about everything they can’t do. Its time to start looking in the mirror people. Stop running to your vacation homes across state lines. Stop getting on airplanes and traveling all over. You are all spreading germs and enabling the virus to go on. Even if you don’t feel sick, stay in. Think of everybody else for a change. Your pampered ass can take it. Stop going out every time you feel like it. People don’t seem to know what essential items are these days. Also, stop criticizing the President and government for not helping enough. We’ve all known about this virus for months. None of us have taken it seriously enough. People continue to travel all over the place. Someone in a county here in Northern Wisconsin just tested positive for the virus. The person is from New York. Why? How is that the President’s fault? Grow up, people. Stay put for just a few weeks so we can put this all behind us. Stop acting like a bunch of spoiled brats and do the right thing.

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