Marty FakeNewsMan

The more Kamaru Usman talks, the worse he looks. Masvidal just released a video called The Multiple Personalities of Kamaru Usman, and it’s quite telling. Usman’s been all over the board. He talks like a politician. There’s a part in the video where Joe Rogan is talking with Usman. Usman says that he’s not a hater, and claims to give credit where credit is due. Then he proceeds to discredit Masvidal’s victory over Ben Askren. Kamaru told Rogan that if Ben takes Jorge down and does what Ben does, then people wouldn’t even be talking about Masvidal. It surely doesn’t sound like Kamaru is giving Jorge much credit there. So, Kamaru, giving Masvidal credit, would be complimenting him on his victory. The reason Askren wasn’t able to do what Askren usually does is that Jorge knocked him out cold. And that’s just one example of the double-talking champion named Usman.

Usman’s been trying to avoid Masvidal since he won that strap. He was even trying to claim that Leon Edwards was more deserving of a title shot than Masvidal just a few weeks ago. And now Usman is claiming that Jorge actually turned down the fight with him. Please. I heard different. I heard Usman turned the match down last week. And now it looks like Usman’s doing some damage control. Even the previous video Usman just released looks so fake. He’s got his little baseball cap on with no shirt. It looks like he’s putting on a damn show. Then Usman’s talking about how his management was telling him to put Jorge on blast, and he was saying that it’s not his style. Well Kamaru, if it’s not your style to put someone on blast, then why did you suddenly put him on blast? Kamaru Usman is a heck of a fighter, but at this point, I don’t believe a word he says.

I can’t wait until Masvidal finally gets his shot at this poser. I’m so tired of all the political antics some fighters use when they win a championship. For those that think Usman’s not fake, I urge you to investigate his time on The Ultimate Fighter. He clearly had problems holding the cage. Then, when the other fighters questioned him on it, Usman just threw a temper tantrum and stormed away—telling them to keep his name out of their mouth. That says it all. And Usman hasn’t changed a bit. I didn’t even get into the fake injury he had after the Covington fight. First, he was injured, then he wasn’t. Who knows what to believe with Usman involved. Masvidal’s going to knock this guy out and take everything from him. I can’t wait until this pandemic passes, so Usman’s out of excuses. I’m not the biggest Colby Covington fan, but he was spot on with that nickname for Kamaru. Marty FakeNewsMan!

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