My Top Sports Games

Hello everyone. Another week has passed which hopefully means we’re getting closer to sports returning. I don’t know about all of you, but I like to play video games to pass the time. Some of my favorite are sports games. So today, I would like to give you my top five sports games. Some of these picks will be franchises, but I will try to pick one overall game that best represents it. Here we go:

5. NBA Live Series- While the 2K series is more popular nowadays, this was the game to have in the 90’s. Again, I loved the create a player mode that allowed you to fill franchises with who you knew. If I had to pick just one game, it would probably be the 98 edition. It was the first one I had for the PlayStation, and it will always hold a special place for me.

4. NHL 94- I had this game for the Sega Genesis, and I must admit I loved it. I don’t particularly love hockey, but something about this game just screams awesome to me. Maybe it was the fact that I could fill a team with my friends, or maybe it was just a great game. Either way, it’s a total classic in my book.

3. Madden Series- This one is easy to have on this list. I’ve played it since the earliest incarnations, and I could spin stories about it forever. I could probably do an entire ranking on just the madden series, but I’ll spare you that. I also don’t think I can properly pick one favorite, so maybe I’ll do another list and figure it out. Just know that I still play this series today and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

2. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out- Hell yes this game is on my list. The ultimate boxing game lets you fight through different divisions before giving you the ultimate challenge: Defeat Mike Tyson. The game isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the time you put into it. I love the characters in the game, and how you need to change your strategy in order to beat different ones. Whether you get the original with Tyson or the one with Mr. Dream as the end guy, this game is definitely worth your time.

1. Tecmo Super Bowl- I know what you’re thinking. How is a game from 1991 at the top of the list? Because it’s still the best damn football game ever. Featuring all 28 teams (seems weird now), this game lets you go through an NFL season with real players and real teams. It also gives you the option to play different season schedules, which was way ahead of it’s time. From all the players that give you nightmares, think Bo Jackson of Christian Okoye, to controlling your favorite teams, this game remains unmatched on my personal favorites list. It has earned every superlative it has received over the years, and it’s just as fun today as it was back then.

Well there’s my list. Obviously, it’s a list of my personal favorites, and I don’t expect you all to agree. Nevertheless, I find I can pass the time with these and that’s what I need to do in today’s world. I hope you all stay happy and healthy, and I’ll talk to you next week.

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