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Happy Sunday, fight fans! This lockdown sure has helped me remember how much I love watching fights. Today, I’d like to review a classic fight card that featured the first matchup between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. Due to both men coming off a loss to the much older Randy Couture, it was a nontitle fight. I love MMA! It was, however, billed as the greatest fight in the history of the sport at the time. It didn’t quite live up to that hype, but it was a monumental matchup in both men’s careers. This card also featured Mike Brown’s UFC debut and a clash between Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz. These classic fight cards are great to watch, and I always forget how many legendary fights took place in the early days of the UFC. I hope you enjoy my breakdown of the action.

UFC 47 April 2, 2004, Mandalay Bay Events Center

Preliminary Bouts

Mike Brown vs. Genki Sudo LW Division

UFC Debut for Mike Brown. Genki Sudo was a bit of a showman and started the fight using a strange fight stance. Brown tried to impose his will by using his wrestling but fell into Sudo’s submission game.

 Genki Sudo wins by 1st round submission (3:31)

Wade Shipp vs. Jonathan Wiezorek  HW Division

This fight was quite fun to watch as Wiezorek offered no striking ability and charged directly at Wade Shipp. He absorbed a tremendous amount of punishment before taking home the victory.

Wiezorek by 1st round TKO (4:40)

Main Card

Wes Sims vs. Mike Kyle HW Division

The fighters grappled for positioning during the opening minute. Sims went for a choke and ended up on the bottom in his guard. Sims attempted a few submissions from the bottom but failed to sink anything in. After Kyle was unable to land any sufficient ground damage, the fighters were forced to stand up. Mike Kyle took advantage and knocked out an exhausted Wes Sims.

Kyle by 1st round KO (4:59)

Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler WW Division

Diaz started the fight with a great deal of aggression and looked to attack Lawler. Diaz dropped Lawler halfway through the 1st round. Still, Lawler attacked with a flurry of his own. With about a minute left in the round, Lawler landed a jumping knee and some solid strikes. Lawler looked a bit surprised at how aggressive Diaz had started the fight. The fighters both came out looking to exchange in the 2nd round. Diaz used his superior boxing skills to drop Lawler and finish the fight. Fantastic matchup!

Diaz by 2nd round KO (1:31)

Andrei Arlovski vs. Cabbage Correira HW Division

Arlovski came out and used his superior footwork and boxing skills to move in and find his range. Arlovski did a great job of mixing up his stikes and using leg kicks. Cabbage showed a tremendous ability to absorb punishment and kept moving forward despite absorbing punishment. Arlovski poured it on as the 2nd round started and finally dropped Cabbage. Arlovski stopped attacking and began to celebrate. I was a bit confused as to what was happening. Cabbage looked like he could’ve continued, but the ref had seen enough. Correira was like a terminator and took a tremendous amount of punishment. Entertaining fight.

Arlovski by 2nd round TKO; punches (1:15)

Yves Edwards vs. Hermes Franca LW Division

 Franca landed a few takedowns but was unable to land any damage. Edwards had a bit of a reach advantage and did a great job maintaining distance and inflicting damage. Franca seemed to tire as the fight continued but remained aggressive and attempted a few wild strikes. It was a close match, and the decision could’ve gone either way. It’s all right to watch, but relatively uneventful.

Edwards via split decision

Chris Lytle vs. Tiki Ghosn WW Division

Chris Lytle started the fight with some stiff kicks and looked for an early takedown. Tiki jumped in and out and seemed to keep his distance early on. Lytle was the more aggressive fighter to start. Still, Tiki had an excellent finish to the first round and landed some solid strikes. Lytle was finally able to wrestle Tiki to the ground in the 2nd round and eventually got Tiki’s back and finished the fight with a straight-up headlock. 

Lytle Wins via 2nd round submission; bulldog choke (1:55)

Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz LH Division

Both men were a bit cautious to start the fight. Tito made Chuck think about any early takedown but never committed to an aggressive shot. Chuck looked to find his range throughout the first round but remained cautious. The fireworks started at the end of the first round when Liddell landed some excellent shots, and Ortiz taunted him as if to say, “you can’t hurt me” to close the round. This taunting was an apparent mistake as Liddell came out aggressive in the second round. It didn’t take long for Chuck to unleash a massive flurry of combinations to finish this fight. Tito showed a tremendous amount of heart by standing with a superior striker.

Liddell wins via 2nd round KO; a combination of strikes (0:38)  

Behind The Scenes

I love watching the behind the scenes content for any fight card. They always give great insight as to how the fighters prepare during fight week and are great at breaking down the night’s controversies. This one includes a cool segment on Randy Couture and the aftermath of his eye injury that occurred when he fought Vitor Belfort. It also goes into the controversy in the Wes Sims vs. Mike Kyle fight. I didn’t notice it during the fight, but Sims claims to have been bitten by Kyle during the match. It sounds like a crazy accusation, but you can see a red mark on Sims’ chest that resembles a bite. It doesn’t seem like something that should stop an MMA fighter, however. You have to love MMA! It also has some excellent post-fight interviews and comments from Nick Diaz, Tito, Chuck, and many other fighters. UFC is a classic fight card and great to watch for any true fan. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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