The Problem With Modern Star Wars

Hello hello everyone and happy Monday. As you all know, I am a big Star Wars fan. I love most of the movies and quite a few of the video games. I’ve read the comic books and some of the expanded universe novels. Overall, it has been a highly enjoyable experience. But lately, I just didn’t feel the same.

When Disney announced, after acquiring the franchise, that new movies were going to continue, I was excited. The first movie in the sequel trilogy wasn’t bad. Over time, I think people have understood that it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. The second movie is divisive, and I can honestly say I wondered what went wrong. They took more chances with Last Jedi than Force Awakens, but they didn’t make sense. Luke’s arc was flawed and the entire plot of a massive fleet of ships just waiting around for one resistance ship to run out of gas was a little ridiculous. I like the idea that anyone can use the force, but I think Last Jedi missed more than it hit.

Which leads me to this past year. Even through the prequels, I was excited for the next one. But I wasn’t excited for Rise of Skywalker, and I should have been. I get Disney wanted to introduce their own characters and have them lead the franchise forward, but it was impossible to do as long as Han, Luke, and Leia were still around. We saw those characters get put through the ringer. Han gets frozen in carbonite. Leia watches her entire homeworld be destroyed. Luke has his entire existence turned upside down and then finds out the most feared name in the galaxy is actually his father. It matters to us. They were developed right before our eyes. And Lucas told us what we needed to know on screen.

Which is, I believe, the main problem with the sequel trilogy. I can get past the bad character arcs. I can overlook a crappy plot. I can even overlook superfluous sequences. But the story was so incoherent from one movie to the next. For all of Lucas’ flaws, the first six movies form a cohesive story that fits, for the most part, together. The sequel trilogy was written by two different people with two different ideas of what a Star Wars movie was. It was never going to work.

Anyway, I hope Disney has learned from their mistakes. I hope they put characters in places where they can grow. It’s that growth that makes us care about those characters. Their failures make us want their successes. That’s my two cents anyway. I’ll talk to you all again next week.

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