What in the SAM HELL is going on around here…?….?…..?

    Is this a crisis or not? I’m not exactly sure what to think. A few weeks ago, we were told to self-isolate and “do our part” to slow the spread of the coronavirus. If they’re so worried about slowing the spread, why in the SAM HELL did Wisconsin hold an in-person election on April 7th? If the citizens are told to stay home, what gives the government the right to hold an in-person election? I’d like to think in this day in age with all of the beautiful technology we have all around us, we could figure out a better way. I don’t know? Maybe, if we could somehow use the computer to cast and tally votes. Radio DJ’s can work from home, teachers are video chatting with students, but we have to have an in-person election. Something doesn’t add up here. 1+1=2 every single time, but I’m coming up with 3 on this virus. If the citizens have to self isolate, then the government should have to self isolate. Since when do the American people accept orders from their government. Isn’t the government supposed to be working for us?  I just read millions of American workers are still waiting on their first payment from unemployment to arrive. I’d be willing to bet you can’t get a state unemployment office on the phone right now. I wonder if they’re making these corporate conglomerates fill out complicated applications to receive bailout cash.

If this is really a crisis and they want everyone to stay home, then why haven’t the banks frozen the loans yet? They’d instead go through all this bullshit to pass some bogus stimulus that seems to be ignoring the American working class. I just heard a commercial where a bank was promising to help during this rather difficult time. They are offering to give you a great interest rate on a loan so you can access cash to get by. How in the FUCK does that help anybody besides the bank that’s writing the loan? You can borrow all this cash that they’ll be charging interest on. Simply put, people will be paying back more money than they borrow. Even if it is a “great rate” that just doesn’t seem fair. It looks like the bank is profiting during a pandemic here. Does anybody else see the massive issues here? These banks need to stop saying they’re helping and start STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE and actually doing something. I can’t even get mine on the phone. How convenient. Amazon and Walmart are conveniently thriving while small business is being forced to shut down. We need more answers than we’re getting. Is there any possible way we can suspend all the politician’s pay until further notice? Just like they say, we’re on lockdown until further notice. They have given themselves a raise while demanding workers stay home. None of this makes any SENSE.????????

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