So Sorry, Miss Daisy…..

5 reasons Daisy Ridley has NO RIGHT to complain about Star Wars Fans giving her backlash.

An Angry Star Wars Fan Theory…..

#5. Star Wars was made before she was born: 

So Sorry, Miss Daisy, you had absolutely nothing to do with making Star Wars famous. The original trilogy is what made Star Wars famous. A New Hope debuted in 1977, The Empire Strikes Back was released in 1980, and Return of the Jedi came out in 1983. According to Wikipedia, Daisy Ridley was born on April 10th, 1992. So you see, the classic trilogy was finished 9 years before she came to be. Mark Hamill had to make people fall in love with Luke Skywalker on the screen. He didn’t have a built-in fanbase eagerly awaiting the next release in the franchise after Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars. But Miss Daisy wouldn’t know much about that…now would she??… Cuz she wasn’t EVEN FUCKING BORN YET!!

#4. Rey can do things other Jedi warriors can only dream of doing:

So Sorry, Miss Daisy, this may not be your fault. Its the failure of the incompetent writers that clearly had no idea what the hell they were doing. However, you did accept the role and, therefore, must deal with the many opinions of the fanbase. Whether it be good or bad. Rey picks up a lightsaber and basically outduels Kylo Ren with it before receiving any Jedi training whatsoever. Rey can float with ease as she meditates, and Rey can magically transport lightsabers to Ben solo through thin air. Then, as if that’s not enough for the Disney Princess, Rey can use the force to heal Kylo Ren after stabbing him with his own saber. Do you get the point? Rey is just the best at everything from the begining. She can just easily achieve things that Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Luke, you could just go on and on and on, couldn’t figure out after all the years they studied the ways of the force and trained as Jedi Masters. So, Miss Daisy, for the reasons I just described and so, so, many more that I just won’t get into, get over the criticism and DEAL WITH IT!! You wouldn’t have a Rey character to play if it wasn’t for the loyal Star Wars Fans.

#3. Rey has no onscreen scenes with Darth Vader:

So Sorry, Miss Daisy, once again, incompetent assclown writers here. But get the FUCK over it already. Darth Vader is the greatest villain in cinematic history. You should feel blessed that Lord Vader gained worldwide notoriety for the entire Star Wars franchise. He didn’t do that so you could just bitch and complain about things that just fell into your pretty little lap. And what thanks does Vader get for putting Star Wars on the map? A total SLAP across the FACE by being denied any screen time whatsoever in the final installment of the Skywalker saga. He’s good enough for his namesake to be used to promote the film, but they can’t even give him a 45-second force ghost scene? COME ON!! The appearance of Darth Vader would have appeased a certain percentage of the fanbase. In turn, that percentage of fans wouldn’t be bitching about the shitty conclusion of the saga. Since Disney decided to shove Palpatine down our fucking throats, they should be to blame. 

#2. Rey isn’t even a Skywalker:

So Sorry, Miss Daisy, can you tell I really don’t give a shit who’s at fault for the inconsistent storylines? As I said earlier, you accepted the lead role. ENOUGH said. Palpatine turns out to be the winner all along. The Disney installments seriously need to be rebilled as “The Palpatine Saga” because it clearly does nothing but damage the legacy of the Skywalkers. In the Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine clearly says he wants Rey to kill him. Then, she ultimately does kill him. Am I missing something? She gives him exactly what he asks for? But then the fans are supposed to accept the fact that he loses? I guess the events that happened in Return of the Jedi meant absolutely NOTHING! If Palpatine didn’t actually die, and Vader never actually killed him, then the chosen one never actually brought balance to the force. Princess Rey comes along and selfishly steals all that fucking thunder. Sure, Rey says her last name is Skywalker near the conclusion of the saga. Still, the reality is a fucking Palpatine is running around as the victor when all is said and done. What an absolute slap to the face of the Skywalker legacy.

#1. Daisy Ridley was an unknown actress before she was in Star Wars:

So Sorry, Miss Daisy, but you are now a well-known actress because you played the lead role in 3 Star Wars movies. You were paid to yield a lightsaber in a multibillion-dollar film franchise. I feel so FUCKING sorry for you. And no matter how much many of the Star Wars loyalists may hate the way the Disney installments played out, a new generation of Star Wars fans will grow up idolizing Rey fucking Palpatine. The Skywalker name will eventually fade out into complete insignificance. All due to Disney’s insistence on making its added characters better and more significant to the overall plot than the beloved characters we fell in love with all those years ago. So, understand this, Miss Daisy, fans need to pay hard-earned dollars to enjoy Star Wars. I was saving up my allowance dollars to go buy Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader toys before you were born. I grew up idolizing characters that Disney has not only downplayed, but they’ve also outright tried to erase Anakin’s legacy as the chosen one. They’ve since done some damage control. They’ve even offered an explanation detailing why Anakin is still, in fact, the chosen one. But that’s just a half-assed attempt to cover their tracks for releasing one colossal failure after the next. My entire point is most of us can only dream of actually making money playing a character in such a legendary film franchise. So sorry, Miss Daisy, we all got problems. So why don’t you take your pampered, legacy riding ass over to Chalmun’s Cantina, order yourself a stiff drink with all that Star Wars cash, and cry me a fucking river over it? Because nobody gives a shit about the rich Disney Princess getting backlash. 

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