Premadonna QBs

There’s not a more frustrating time to be witnessing the unfolding storylines of the NFL offseason. I just received a $1200 stimulus check from the government. Many American citizens find themselves amidst financial burdens they may never recover from. Then, I’m reading about how the Dallas Cowboys placed the team’s exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Dak Prescott, but he hasn’t agreed to the terms of the contract yet -A deal that would pay him more than $31 million for the upcoming season. These NFL QBs are getting out of hand.

I cheer for the Green Bay Packers and have traditionally been a huge Aaron Rodgers fan. Yet I can’t help but wonder why he demanded such a high paying contract?? In August of 2018, the Packers agreed to give Rodgers a 4 year $134 million contract extension. Now many fans are throwing a massive fit because the Packers failed to draft another wide receiver for the aging QB to throw the ball to. The stench of Mike Mccarthy still fills their nostrils. NEWSFLASH Packer fans, Aaron Rodgers is in decline. Last year Rodgers openly stated multiple times that he wanted to throw the ball to Davantae Adams more. Yet, when Adams missed games with an injury, Rodgers had his best stretch of the season. Another “weapon” at receiver isn’t the answer. But that’s not the point. The point is the quarterback is taking up too much cap space. If he didn’t need such an outstanding contract, the team could afford to bring in more talent. Plain and simple.

Then there’s the Rams current situation with Jared Goff. Last September the Rams signed the QB to a 4 year 134 million dollar contract. That comes out to $33.5 million per season. Even with the Rams restructuring his deal, he’ll be making more than $27 million for the upcoming season. As a fan, these are ridiculous numbers to be looking at. I can’t for the life of me figure out why $20 million per YEAR wouldn’t be enough.

I’m not talented enough to ever have to make the decision, but if I were in Dak Prescott’s shoes, I’d consider signing for a bit less. I’d want the team to invest in putting as much talent around me as possible. I’d want to be known as the greatest winner of my generation. And I’d still be a multimillionaire at $20 million per season.

I’m rather sick of watching these rich assholes complain about how much money they’re not getting. How many commercials do Dak Prescott and Aaron Rodgers appear in? How much money are they making outside of their contract through endorsements and other business ventures? I wish I didn’t know how much Rodgers made, because the lack of intensity he showed in the NFC championship game last year makes me sick. But its ok, he still gets paid the same- win or lose. Get over yourselves NFL quarterbacks. It takes a team to win championships. You are paid millions of dollars each year to play a game. I know you’re putting your bodies on the line each and every game, but that’s your choice. You could go get a 9-5 job like everyone else.

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