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An Angry Star Wars Fan Theory…

Mace Windu didn’t want Anakin Skywalker to be the Chosen One. He was jealous of Anakin’s Force potential from the moment Qui-Gon was explaining to the Jedi council that he’d discovered a vergence in The Force. It’s written all over Windu’s face in The Phantom Menace as Qui-Gon explains why he believes a young Anakin is in fact the prophesized Chosen One. Windu immediately tries to downplay Qui-Gon’s opinion and starts shaking his head in disbelief. Mace couldn’t accept the fact that another individual may surpass his own greatness as a Jedi warrior. This is immediately after Mace Windu stated that he didn’t believe the Sith could’ve possibly returned without the Jedi knowing about it. 

The Windu Conspiracy

Mace Windu knew the dark side of The Force was hard for a Jedi to read. He understood the Jedi council was too caught up in the politics they’d inserted themselves into to notice his true motives. Those motives were to sabotage the reputation of Anakin Skywalker and convince the entire Jedi order to turn their backs on the real Chosen One. Until Anakin came along, Mace Windu saw himself as the one who would bring balance to The Force. However, Windu’s definition of balance wasn’t the same as the Jedi. 

Mace Windu was delighted when he discovered that Obi-Wan had let Qui-Gon die at the hands of Darth Maul. He knew Kenobi was in no position to train a Jedi. He also knew that Obi-Wan could be manipulated much easier than Qui-Gon. Mace Windu knew full well that Yoda sensed a great danger in Anakin’s training. So that’s what he took advantage of. Windu approached Obi-Wan and convinced him that Anakin would need extra training with a lightsaber. Mace began conducting private training sessions with a young Anakin where he encouraged the boy to become close friends with Senator Palpatine. To his surprise, Anakin was better with a saber than he was, which made the jealousy in Windu’s heart grow deeper. 

Yes, that’s right. Mace Windu knew Palpatine was a Sith from the start. He foresaw Palpatine’s plans and wanted to beat him to the punch. Mace Windu had been encouraging Anakin to harness his inner dark side the entire time. He’d reminded Anakin many times that The Chosen One could manipulate The Force in ways others could only dream of. Mace Windu knew there was no way in hell he could ever beat Anakin Skywalker in a straight-up fight, so he planted the seeds that would ultimately lead to the entire Jedi Order turning it’s back on the rightful Chosen One. 

The World According to Mace Windu

Mace Windu waited for the perfect time to strike. He knew he would become more powerful than he’d ever dreamed of if he could kill Palpatine and break away from the Jedi. When Anakin approached Mace explaining Palpatine’s true identity, Windu knew it was time. He rejected Anakin’s help because he planned on pinning Palpatine’s murder on Anakin. In Mace Windu’s world Anakin never shows up to save Palpatine from his ultimate demise. Mace Windu strikes down Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and unlocks a dark side the likes of which we’ve never seen.  

By this time, Windu had the rest of the Jedi convinced that Anakin was no good. He wasted no time and sent word that Chancellor Palpatine had been tragically murdered at the hands of Anakin Skywalker. Mace Windu knew Obi-Wan wanted Padme for himself. He convinced Obi-Wan that Padme was next on Anakin’s hit list. Obi-Wan then began orchestrating private meetings with Padme where he explained to her that Anakin had killed Palpatine, and she was next. Padme didn’t believe it. She fled from Obi-Wan and began searching for her husband.

While Obi-Wan was out galavanting around with another man’s wife, Mace Windu began exterminating the Jedi. He ruthlessly eliminated the younglings and left no survivors at the temple. Then, Mace Windu made it his personal mission to hunt down and kill Master Yoda. This was no easy task, as Yoda is quite skilled in the cowardly acts of running and hiding. However, Windu was eventually able to catch up to Yoda. Yoda had come to realize that he was a complete and utter failure. He was so dejected he didn’t even put up a fight and Mace Windu struck him down before he’d known what hit him.

Padme finally caught up with Anakin as he meditated on Mustafar. He was asking The Force for guidance. The Force had revealed to Anakin that it was, in fact, Mace Windu who killed Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Padme immediately began questioning Anakin about Palpatine’s death. As Anakin was explaining his innocence and knowledge as to who really killed Palpatine, Obi-Wan made his appearance. Obi-Wan was unaware, but he’d already been recruited as Mace Windu’s Sith Apprentice. He just needed to carry out his final act and strike down Anakin Skywalker out of anger.

 Obi-Wan was having none of Anakin’s explanation. He was pissed off at the fact that Padme had rejected his come-on attempts. Anakin underestimated Kenobi’s rage and turned his back on Obi-Wan as he continued conversing with his wife. Obi-Wan then drew his saber and proceeded to attack his so-called friend from behind. Anakin did his best to fend off an enraged Obi-Wan. Anakin was in complete control of the fight until Mace Windu showed up. Windu wasn’t taking any chances at leaving Anakin alive. Mace Windu noticed that Obi-Wan was no match for The Chosen One, but Kenobi’s training wouldn’t be complete unless it was his saber that struck Anakin down. Mace Windu directed his attention towards Padme. He drew his saber and approached Anakin’s wife in a threatening manner. Anakin had beaten Obi-Wan to within an inch of his life when he noticed Mace Windu. 

Anakin immediately jumped in to defend his wife. Skywalker was dominating Mace Windu until Obi-Wan was able to gather himself. Obi-Wan looked directly at Padme. “Watch this,” Kenobi said before approaching Anakin from behind once again. Padme was screaming hysterically, causing Anakin to become distracted. It didn’t take long for Obi-Wan to leave his friend a cut-up mess. “Leave him to suffer” Mace Windu declared. “There’s no way he can survive that.” Obi-Wan agreed. He then gave Padme a backhanded slap. This is how her relationship with Obi-Wan was going to be. “You will serve me now, woman. Your so-called husband is dead. You will learn to mind your rightful master.”

“Take it easy, my young apprentice.” Mace Windu said. His eyes had become red. “She is with child. Twins, in fact.”  Windu knew this is what his new apprentice needed in order to complete his training.

Obi-Wan gave his new master a confused look. “She will bear no children but my own.”

Obi-Wan proceeded to beat Padme Amidala to death. He killed the unborn Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Mace Windu smiled as he gave his apprentice a new name. “Darth Cowardice” was born, and the name stems from the cowardly act of killing an unarmed woman who was pregnant. Mace Windu also wanted to embarrass Obi-Wan by making him carry that name around the galaxy.  The spineless Obi-Wan would remain faithful to his new master for the rest of his days.

Sith Windu ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. He would kill anyone that questioned his authority. His definition of balance was to exterminate the Jedi order and rule the galaxy unopposed. His prophecy had come to fruition. 

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