Some Advice

Hello everyone and happy Saturday. Once again, I hope you are all healthy and safe. Today, I would like to talk about something I think is important for authors to remember. That is to remember your own voice.

I tried writing several short stories before settling on a novel. I submitted those stories and kept finding the same result. That result is not unexpected, but it can be disheartening. We don’t think this is right for us, but encourage you to continue trying. I would dread opening up my email and seeing those words. Time and time again, though, I would.

So, I started shopping my stories around to acquaintances and friends. People I trusted that I knew would be critical if need be. The feedback I got from them was more encouraging. It told me I was on the right path. So, I continued trying, getting the same results from the magazines that I always had. One such story, however, came with a little more in depth review. I know how busy those people are, so I took the time to see what they had to say. The things they suggested, though, would have altered my story into something it wasn’t. I appreciated the feedback, but I didn’t want the story to have to change.

That is the main reason my wife and I decided to self publish. We didn’t want people dictating what could and couldn’t be written. I know we’re not perfect. Despite publishing some novels, we still have plenty of work to do. But we’re learning and we’re trying, and it’s our story that’s getting through when we do publish. Our vision.

That’s what I think anyway. Regardless of whether you choose to self publish or go the traditional route, don’t forget that your voice got that story out. Don’t let anyone change it to be something it’s not. Until next time, stay healthy and keep reading.

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