A Different Ending

Hello everyone and happy Monday. Today is usually the day I talk about Star Wars, and I have no plans to change that. I’ve noticed that the angry fan has started posting what if scenarios and got to thinking about the ending of the Skywalker saga. I think even the most ardent of fans can agree it was uneven. With that in mind, I came up with an ending of my own. Let me know what you think. It picks up at the end, right before Palpatine drains Rey and Ben to become reborn.

Palpatine goads Rey and Ben, telling them what he will do if they allow him to live. He unleashes his lightning and it is all they can do to hold up their lightsabers to defend themselves. Despite his fragile state, the power remains.

“We must,” Ben says, hoping he can prevent Palpatine from taking either one of them over. Rey nods, and together they walk towards Palpatine, the lightning reflecting back towards him. They hear him shout in agony, and that’s when the lightning stops. For a moment, Palpatine’s cloak stands where it is. Then it drops, leaving nothing but ash.

“It’s over,” Rey says hopefully.  Her and Ben share a glance, and she opens her mouth to say something when Palpatine’s laughter fills the air.

“Finally!! It is mine!!!” they hear him shout gleefully. Then they feel themselves knocked from their bodies, their essence traveling far away. They are force energy now, and when they finally land, it is in a circular chamber. Pathways make a cross, and Rey and Ben are just out of the center. Palpatine stands across the way from them, smiling. He explains that he wanted to die after learning how to gain access to the netherworld of the force because he knew it was the last refuge of the Jedi. That he would eradicate them from this place and finally end them. When Rey and Ben refuse him, he laughs and asks how they will stand against the Sith.

Red lightsabers ignite behind him, illuminating the eras of the Sith. Palpatine’s master, and his master, and his master, and all the rest stretching back throughout time. He cackles and raises his hand, lightning again shooting forth. This time, there is no defense. The power is so strong that Rey and Ben are driven to their knees. They look at each other, out of hope, as Palpatine stops for just a moment.

“You both could have been so much more,” he says. Raising his hands, more lightning shoots out. Ben turns and covers Rey, ready to protect her. Nothing happens. They look back and see a hooded figure standing there, arm outstretched, holding Palpatine’s lightning.

“I told you your overconfidence was your weakness,” the figure quips. He pushes back his hood, revealing himself to be Luke Skywalker.

“Jedi,” Palpatine spits out, his jaw clenching.  “Not even the son of the chosen one can stand against the power of the Sith.”  Palpatine ignites his own saber, and Luke smiles.

“I have friends,” he says quietly, and behind Rey and Ben, brilliant beams of blue, green, purple, and yellow ignite. The Jedi, from Yoda to Obi Wan to Mace Windu and countless others stand there. Palpatine screams in rage, raising his saber. He rushes at Luke, a green blade extending from Luke’s fist. The two sides are fighting, the energy preventing Rey and Ben from even moving. Palpatine and Luke move faster than anyone can even see, their blades clashing and lightning spewing. The respective avatars of their sides, both understand what is truly at stake. Not just the universe, but the force itself.

The rest of the battlefield is flashing in brilliance as saber clashes against saber. The fight is even at first, but slowly, the Jedi begin shutting off their weapons. Not because they were more skilled, but because their resolve is better than their enemies. The Sith, in their quest for dominance and power, begin to turn on each other. One after another, they fall, red sabers piercing each one, undone by their own code. The Jedi stand back, watching it happen. Palpatine disengaged fromSkywalker, turning and seeing what had happened. He slashes his blade as a flash of red jumps at him, killing Darth Maul, the last Sith left other than him. When he turns back, Skywalker easily disarms him, slicing his lightsaber in half. He tries one last burst of lightning, but Luke catches it and closes his fist, ending the fight. Palpatine collapses and lies there, panting.

“Only hatred can destroy me!” he says defiantly.  “You will have to embrace your anger, Skywalker, to rid the galaxy of me.”  He laughs, knowing Luke wouldn’t do it.  But Luke wears that same smile.

“I know only hatred can destroy you,” Luke says quietly. “But it was never my destiny to bring balance to the force.” Palpatine cocks his head, and then hears a familiar breathing. He turns, and the light behind him shows a being that strikes terror into his heart. It is a being running in perfect symmetry down the middle, the right half belonging to Anakin Skywalker, and the left to his apprentice, Darth Vader. A red and blue saber ignite, and the figure, the perfect example of light and dark at war with one another, walks towards him. Palpatine draws in breath to scream as the red saber is lifted into the air, and lets out a sigh as it passes through him. As the Sith Lord disappears, so does the last vestige of his apprentice. With Palpatine dead, so is the dark side of Anakin. The prophecy fulfilled, the chosen one can finally rest. He looks at Luke and smiles, then nods towards his grandson. Luke turns and looks at them.

“Go,” he says, “you shouldn’t be here.”

“How?” they ask in unison, stunned. Luke thinks of how much like children they remind him, and smiles.

“As long as he existed, so would the chosen one,” Luke says. “It’s what kept all of us here. But now, it is balanced. It is your job to make sure you maintain it.” He nods, and then Obi Wan and Yoda join Anakin. Luke walks towards them, turning back one time. Beside him, Leia appears. A tear slips down Ben’s cheek.

“The force will always be with you,” she says, “and so will we.” Darkness covers them, and they see no more.

Ben and Rey wake up, shocked. When the rest of the resistance arrives, they can’t explain what happened to Palpatine. All anyone knows is that, finally, the galaxy is at peace, and the force is balanced.

I know this probably isn’t the greatest thing ever written, but for my money it would be better than what we got. In my opinion, anyway.

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