5 Reason’s Jon Jones is NOT the Best Pound 4-Pound Fighter in the World

No, he’s NOT the Best

#5) Eye gouging tactics

Jon Jones is a chronic eye gouger. He’s been warned in several fights by multiple referees about these actions. He’s even tried defending himself by saying that it’s not “intentional.” Yet he continues trying to find new ways to squeeze this blatantly illegal technique into his regular fight routine. It gets pretty sickening when the supposed best fighter on the planet continuously sticks his fingers into the eyes of his opponents. I can’t even tell you how many times Glover Texeira had to deal with Jon trying to stick his grimy fingers into his eyes. It’s really quite ridiculous when you think about it. If it’s not illegal, then why keep doing it? It seems like a man of his many capabilities should be able to avoid this dirty deed. I don’t remember Chuck the Iceman Liddell, or Rampage Jackson, or Randy Couture repeatedly sticking their fingers in the eyes of their respective opponents during the great wars they had. And those are just some of the former Lightheavyweight Champions the UFC has seen. Sorry Jon, your not the best. Your constant eye-gouging is proof of that. Blinding your opponents gives you an unfair advantage. Clean it up and stop acting like such a chump.

#4) Oblique Kicks

Surprise, surprise. More hooligan tactics from the alleged GOAT. This may not be an outright violation of the rules, but it’s dirty nonetheless. The UFC decided to ban soccer kicks because they’ve been deemed too brutal. The north to south elbow is not allowed for the same reason. So why do they continue to allow this tactic to be implemented? Many of Jon’s opponents have said they’ll never be the same since fighting him. That, they’ll always have a bit of a hitch to their step. What happened to the good old-fashioned gentlemen’s agreement to prove your skills are superior to those of your opponents without causing permanent damage. That’s all out the window with Jon Jones. Jones has said that he wants his opponents to walk with a limp for the rest of their lives. His equally dirty-minded coach, Mike Winkeljohn, has made similar comments. If he were just using the oblique kicks, that would be bad enough, pair it with the eye gouges, and it’s inexcusable. A real champion wouldn’t always be looking for ways to bend the rules. Every single fight, every single time. Jones is continuously looking to gain an unfair advantage, and that’s not championship behavior. 

#3) Unwillingness To Fight Anybody, Anytime, Anyplace

Jon Jones would never have been able to fight in the early days of MMA. The days where the fighters entered into tournaments not knowing who they may be facing. The warriors of the early days had to fight multiple times in the same night. Jon Jones and his coaches are always looking for the ideal circumstances so they can come up with the perfect gameplan. Great fighters fight. Anybody, anyplace, and anytime. Jon Jones was scheduled to fight Lighthevyweigh Contender Dan Henderson at UFC 151. Henderson was hit with an MCL injury as he was preparing for the fight and had to pull out. The UFC reached out to Chael Sonnen, who accepted the fight on 8 days notice. Jones refused, citing that Sonnen was a far too dangerous opponent to face on short notice. Really? Chael Sonnen and Dan Henderson are both wrestlers. Sonnen is a much smaller fighter than Jones, which is why he competed in the Middleweight division for most of his career. Sonnen also never had the dynamite in his right hand, as Dan Henderson did. So, why so scared, Jon? And I didn’t even mention Jon’s reluctance to compete as a Heavyweight. Jones has beaten all the top contenders in his weight class. There should be nothing more to prove there. But Jon Jones is too scared and doesn’t want to risk losing. Jones always has to have the chips in his favor, which disqualifies him from being in the GOAT conversation. 

#2) Multiple Outside the Cage Incidents

How many run-ins with the police is this joker gonna have? Shouldn’t a Champion behave like a Champion inside the cage, and also outside of it? Jon Jones has had so many legal problems that its almost impossible to keep track of them all. There was a hit and run incident that involved a pregnant woman. There have been multiple arrests and failed PED tests. It just never ends with Jon Jones. His script is getting old. He shows up in court, acts as if he’s sorry, questions why God has put him in this position. I have news for you, Jon, you put yourself in those positions yourself. God or nobody else has nothing to do with it. You drink and then drive.

You do cocaine before your fights, and you decided to introduce steroids into your body. It’s pretty bad when the UFC gives Jones immediate title fights upon returning from his suspensions because they feel the need to book as big a battle as possible before their champion gets himself into more hot water. I could only dream of having the talent that Jon has, and HE’S choosing to waste the prime of his career with his poor decision making. Hire a driver already Jon, or at least take an Uber. Sure, Chuck Liddell partied hard when he was the Champ. But he never missed fights due to being put in jail. Sorry, Jon, GOAT candidates need to conduct themselves accordingly at all times. Simply put, Jones is not the best.

1) He’s the only fighter that’s allowed to compete with steroids in his system

I don’t care if it’s only a picogram or whatever they want to call it. Sean O’Malley has missed several fights and been suspended multiple times for having similar issues. Why is Jones allowed to slide? They say his cells won’t let the PICOGRAMS leave his body easily. What a load of hogwash. What’s the whole point of making fighters go through the USADA testing process if they can just pick and choose who the rules apply to? Jeff Novitsky’s explanation is entirely ridiculous. It just sounds like he’s talking in circles trying to find the excuse that’ll sound the best -There’s just no way he’s been introducing new Steroids into his system-Oh, really, Jeff?- You must think MMA fans are pretty stupid. Jon Jones has competed with steroids in his system several times. It could even be argued that his recent performances are proof of his past PED use. Jon Jones has struggled to defend his title in his recent performances. Have Thiago Santos and Dominick Reyes closed the gap? Is the new generation of MMA Fighter evolving their skills past those of Jones? Or is the so-called Greatest Of All Time finally off the juice? I just don’t buy that Jon Jones wasn’t on Steroids for much of his career. Hardcore MMA fans all know the incident involving Jones hiding under the Octagon at the Jackson-Wink training facility to avoid a USADA drug test. Jon Jones’s constant breaking of the rules, his ongoing troubles outside of the cage, and the FACT that he’s competed with banned substances in his system several times eliminate him from the conversation. No, he’s not the best, and he never will be.

I can’t get over the fact that many people want to call Jon Jones the best fighter of all time. I wouldn’t even call him the best Lightheavyweight of all time. There are just too many question marks, and so much lost opportunity. The saddest thing about the legacy of Jon Jones is that we’ll all be wondering what could have been for the rest of our lives. And I just can’t get over the steroid issue. There’s just too much smoke for there not to be some fire in there somewhere. Once you put it all together, it adds up to Jon Jones NOT being the best fighter of all time. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

And remember, Jon Jones is definitely not the best. No, he’s not the best!

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      1. I agree with your post but I still gotta go Jones on who he beat when he beat them. There is an argument for GSP for clearing out 170 twice when he did, and I can definitely get on board with Kabib in the conversation because I have always thought 155 was one of the toughest divisions.

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