The Wicked Stench of Windu

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An Angry Star Wars Fan Theory…

The mere thought of Mace Windu was so disgustingly vile that George Lucas was forced to omit the character from the classic trilogy. Lucas had included plans for Windu to be in the first film when he began writing Star Wars in 1973. Mace was initially supposed to a narrator. But the more Lucas toyed with the idea, the more it reeked of a complete dark side take over. Can you even imagine Mace Windu setting the stage for the entire Star Wars Saga? He would’ve disregarded entirely any and all of Anakin Skywalker’s accomplishments. The more Lucas thought about it, the more a wicked stench filled his nostrils. A character with the downright evil motives Mace Windu displayed couldn’t be allowed to overtake the entire story. It was evident from the start that Windu was expendable.

 Mace Windu would’ve introduced the saga by claiming himself to be The Chosen One. Lucas tried morphing the character to fit a more positive narrative. George tried picturing Windu as Luke Skywalker’s friend and Princess Leia’s brother. The stench that filled Georgy’s nostrils intensified. Lucas knew that Obi-Wan would’ve been utterly irrelevant to the storyline had Mace Windu been Luke’s friend. George further concluded that Luke made a much better brother to Princess Leia than Mace fucking Windu could ever dream of, and he didn’t want to contaminate the bloodlines of the REAL CHOSEN ONE that is Anakin Skywalker with the EVIL SPAWN that is Mace Windu. One thing was for darn sure, The Chosen One of the entire 

Star Wars Saga was always meant to be Lord Vader, Mace Windu found himself left out early. Which is probably where the hatred of Anakin all began. 

Every time George Lucas thought about inserting Mace Windu into the classic trilogy, the latter tried overtaking the entire story. Windu was trying to forcefully insert himself into every situation from the start. The more Lucas thought about the character, the shittier the thought smelled. Windu was trying to Jedi Mind trick the creator of Star Wars all those years ago. There’s no way balance could’ve ever been restored to The Force if Windu was involved in the original plot. That disgustingly vile stench had become too much to bear, George Lucas finally decided to drop the entire thought of Mace Windu from the Classic Trilogy altogether.

Windu’s Stench Returns

Georg Lucas brought Mace Windu back into the fold when he released the Prequel Trilogy. Mace was never meant to be a role model. The fact that he was appointed to the Jedi Council in the first place completely blows my mind. Of course, this was after the Legacy Lord Vader created had been established. The Star Wars fanbase thirsted to understand how Darth Vader came to be. They wanted to know how and why Anakin Skywalker could possibly turn his back on the supposedly “great” Jedi. Lucas brought Windu back into the fold the only way he knew how. Full of jealousy, Mace Windu reared his ugly head as a high ranking member of the Jedi Council in The Phantom Menace.

George Lucas had Mace Windu outright screw Anakin Skywalker on the big screen for a reason. It’s the only way he could get rid of the horrendous smell Windu created within his nostrils. That smell haunted Lucas for years and years. Lucas figured he’d use the Windu character to display how deceptive the Jedi were. It’s the only way to explain Mace’s outright hatred of Anakin from the start. The more Lucas developed Windu as a Jedi villain, the better the smell became. It never went away completely, it probably never will, but it’s gotten to a manageable state. 

The Prequel Trilogy would ultimately play out by having Mace Windu refuse Anakin’s help when going to apprehend Chancellor Palpatine. This after Anakin brought Windu the news that Palpatine was the Sith they’d been searching for -The act that blatantly proved to The Chosen One that the Jedi never had any faith in him whatsoever. George Lucas probably regrets every creating Mace Windu in the first place. The thought has always had this wicked stench accompany it. However, the Legacy of the rightful Chosen One will forever reign supreme now that Mace Windu has shown the entire world the true motives of the Jedi. Those motives were to install themselves as leaders of the galactic republic by forcibly removing an elected official from office. 

There will always be a hint of the Windu stench within the nostrils of George Lucas, but it became much more manageable when he found a way to vilify Mace Windu onscreen. And the rosy smell left behind by the Legacy the real Chosen One has created more than cancels out the nasty smell of Windu. 

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