5 Reasons That Episode 4 Is The Best Star Wars Movie

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday. Star Wars was released on this date 43 years ago. It has become a pop culture phenomenon and changed the way we watched movies. There is a lot of debate on the greatest Star Wars movie, but it is usually between Episode 4 and 5 that take the top spot. Today, I want to highlight 5 reasons I believe Episode 4 is the best one, with next week being dedicated to why it should be Episode 5.

1. Originality- The first one is always going to have an air of originality that the others just can’t match. Whereas everyone knew kind of what to expect with the next movie, the first one had us holding our breaths and wondering what was next.

2. Less is More- Episode 4 did a great job setting up Darth Vader as the ultimate villain even though he had limited screen time. He feels like he’s in the movie way more than he is, and it leaves fans wanting more. His presence over the movie is overwhelming, and his epic showdown with Luke and ambiguous ending make his character all the more interesting. That’s a credit to the film that they can do that when the guy has less than 10% of screen time. This is where the legend of Vader began.

3. The Impact- Movies are not where they are today without Star Wars. Simply put, George Lucas pushed the bounds of technology and went above and beyond what anyone expected. From the different alien races to the awesome space battles, this is the movie that made special effects leap ahead.

4. The air of mystery- Why start with Episode 4? It was absolutely brilliant that George Lucas dropped us right into the middle of the story. He had us craving more of his universe, wondering how all the characters got to where they were. I believe the decision helped make the fan base as devoted as it is.

5. The set up- Tying back to all the entries on this list really, the last reason I can think of is the set up. This movie is what gave all of us Star Wars, and no other movie in the series can say that. We’re we introduced to Luke, Han, Leia, Obi-Wan, Vader, and a host of other characters. Then, we were thrust into their universe and their fight. They changed on screen and we were right there with them.

Bonus: This film also has one of the most iconic scenes in the saga, with Luke looking at the setting twin suns, wondering what his place in the galaxy was. It’s beautifully framed, shot, and acted. Often imitated, but never has it evoked such a raw response as the first time.

Well, there you have it. Thanks for reading, and tune in next week for my list of why Episode 5 is the better than Episode 4.

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